Free Oracle Database for Everyone

Free Oracle Database for Everyone

Whether you are a developer, a DBA, a data scientist, an educator, or just curious about databases, Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) is the ideal way to get started. It is the same powerful Oracle Database that enterprises rely on worldwide, packaged for simple download, ease-of-use, and a full-featured experience. You get an Oracle Database to use in any environment, plus the ability to embed and redistribute – all completely free!


Introducing Oracle XE

Installing on Linux

Installing on Windows

What is Included

Multitenant: Get isolation, agility, and economies of scale by managing multiple Pluggable Databases inside your Oracle Multitenant Container Database

In-Memory: Support real-time analytics, business intelligence, and reports by keeping your important data in the Oracle Database In-Memory column store

Partitioning: Enhance performance, availability, and manageability of your database with data partitioning that meets diverse business requirements

Advanced Analytics: Get valuable insights and deliver predictions from your data using Data Mining SQL, R programming, and the Oracle Data Miner UI

Advanced Security: Protect your sensitive data at the source and build end-to-end encrypted apps with layers of security including Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and Data Redaction


  • Up to 12 GB of user data
  • Up to 2 GB of database RAM
  • Up to 2 CPU threads
For more details go to the Oracle Database Licensing Information.


Why Use XE



Looking for the right database for your next development project? Learn more about Oracle Database using free XE.

  • Connect Oracle Database to your favorite programming languages and dev environments including Java, .NET, Python, Node.js, Go, PHP, C/C++ and more.
  • Learn SQL on the world's leading relational database, or experiment with Oracle's native support for JSON documents and spatial & graph data.
  • Use free dev tools and IDEs from Oracle including SQL Developer, SQLcl, and SQL Developer Data Modeler.
  • Install free Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to REST-enable your database.
  • For low-code app development, run Oracle APEX on top of ORDS and XE at no extra cost to rapidly build data-centric web apps that look beautiful in mobile and desktop browsers.


Test drive advancements in Oracle Database that make life easier for DBAs and other administrators using free XE. With XE, any administrator can benefit from playing with many of the advanced features of Oracle Database.

  • Manage multiple Oracle Databases in one place with Oracle Multitenant pluggable databases.
  • Accelerate database queries using table partitions.
  • Get more from database storage with data compression.
  • Backup your whole database using Oracle RMAN.
  • For security and compliance, encrypt data at rest with Transparent Data Encryption, set database audit policies to track data access, and configure Database Vault to prevent unauthorized access by privileged users.

Data Scientists

Oracle Database provides data scientists with sheer analytic power, and XE has it all. See what that means.

  • Dramatically accelerate queries on large data sets using Oracle In-Memory Column Store.
  • Reduce complex analysis to concise SQL statements with Advanced Analytics, including Data Mining SQL.
  • Build your analysis graphically in Oracle’s free Data Miner UI.
  • Quickly load data into your database using Data Pump, SQL*Loader, external tables, or SQL Developer.
  • If you prefer R programming, Oracle Database supports that too.


Teachers and students can freely use XE for database curriculum and instruction. Students can install it on a laptop to work wherever, whenever - rather than being tethered to a computer lab.

  • Suite of courseware available from Oracle Academy.
  • No licensing costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • A full-featured database.


In need of a database with all of the features and a small footprint, then look no further than XE.

  • Embed in your software.
  • Distribute with your software.
  • Install on customer premises for proof of concept.
  • Deliver comprehensive prototypes to your prospects.


Oracle Database XE is well suited to users large and small. For example:

  • Startups working on a limited budget who need to begin development immediately.
  • Non-profits and other organizations who want an Oracle Database, and it does not need to be a fully supported edition.
  • Software developers needing to demonstrate their apps to customers.
  • Anyone who wants a private sandbox for database evaluation, testing, and proof-of-concept projects.

Need More

Because it is a regular Oracle Database, XE provides compatibility with other Oracle Database editions. If you outgrow Oracle Database XE, you can easily move to another edition of Oracle Database on-premises or Oracle Cloud and get unlimited resources, 24x7 customer support, and regular patches. You can also move to Oracle Autonomous Database in the Oracle Cloud Always Free Tier and let Oracle manage your database. Oracle provides numerous data movement tools to make migrating Oracle Database XE easy.