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Atlantic Lottery Commission saves time and money with Oracle Cloud
Ontario university finds low-risk path to cloud

“As head of operations and development, the success of my teams and the success of the business hinges on having stable and flexible platforms that give us the ability to grow into the future. Oracle Cloud provided the scalability and flexibility we needed while also being more stable and secure.”

Megan Calvert

Director of Development and Operations

Oracle’s modern data platform

  • Integration

    Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a complete, secure, and lightweight integration solution that enables agencies to connect applications no matter where they live—in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Modernize while achieving agency business objectives using improved analytic capabilities with the self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

  • Analytics

    Gain improved insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning with an analytics platform designed for all data, workloads, and personas.

  • Data Science

    Build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models on the fully managed OCI Data Science platform.

Oracle Health

Provincial Governments can help deliver improved health insights and experiences for patients, providers and the public.

Public health

Oracle offers secure and reliable healthcare solutions that connect clinical, operational, and financial data, improving care and advancing decision-making capabilities.

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Modernize healthcare systems

Deploy key systems of record in the cloud to improve performance and cut costs. Build innovative applications that improve patient outcomes.

Explore cloud computing for healthcare

Health information exchange

Integrate patient information across multiple systems spanning state, local, and federal agencies to securely improve care coordination and outcomes.

Explore health record access

Eligibility and effective outcomes

Create trusted master patient identifier systems that operate across disparate organizations while using advanced matching algorithms to improve efficiency, safety, and patient care.

Explore Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index


Ensure all patients receive an integrated, streamlined healthcare experience. Reduce costs with digital self-service and automated policy management.

Explore constituent services
Explore digital patient outreach solutions

Grants management

Improve visibility into all aspects of the research grant process. Track and report on funding sources, comply with billing and reporting requirements, track indirect costs, and automate sponsorship invoices.

Explore Oracle’s grant management solution

Next-gen predictive analytics

Use the latest technologies and data science tools to improve analysis in a secure, compliant environment. Build evidence-based models to help predict, prevent, and address unanticipated health crises.

Explore healthcare analytics and AI

Oracle for Research

Accelerate and advance your research capabilities. Researchers can store, host, and analyze data with easy-to-use solutions.

Explore Oracle for Research

Featured Government and Education cloud products

Oracle Cloud for Government

Rely on a secure, cost-effective, and open cloud infrastructure platform. Oracle’s cloud includes two Protected-B regions for the most stringent government and education requirements.


Move your financial data to a secure and modern cloud. From procurement to core accounting and reporting functions, government leaders can securely access vital financial data anytime, anywhere.


Recruit and retain the top talent you need to deliver government missions at all levels.


Run applications faster and lower your costs using the same high-performance capabilities, autonomous operations, and for lower cost in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Student Information System

Put students on a path to success with a flexible system featuring powerful AI and smart

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Gain faster insights and improve decision-making. Predict trends and anticipate needs as an agile and smart government.

Trending public sector solutions

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for Canada Public Sector gives you the security you require, with full control and ease of procurement

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Oracle Cloud Differentiators

Why Oracle Cloud should be in your plans

Low-Risk Modernization Made Easy For Canada Public Sector Organizations

Over the past two years, Governments in Canada were given the flexibility and mandate to adopt and experiment with cloud services in ways that were previously unfathomable. Now armed with newfound knowledge and experience leveraging cloud services, the Government of Canada, the Provinces, and local governments are re-examining their cloud strategies.

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