Northern Ireland Electricity Networks boosts its ADMS with Oracle

NIE Networks upgraded to Oracle Utilities Network Management System version 2.3 as its complete ADMS for both outage management and grid operations.


Moving to NMS 2.3 provided NIE Networks with a standard [network] model where we could start building on our data in the correct format to layer on new DMS applications.

Aaron WatsonNear Time Systems Engineer, NIE Networks

Difficultés de l'entreprise

Over the past 10 years, NIE Networks has experienced a tremendous amount of change, driven primarily by the high growth of independently-owned renewable power generation at both the transmission and distribution levels.

The high degree of wholesale renewable and distributed energy resource penetration has created operational challenges that could not have been foreseen when NIE Networks last implemented a Network Management System (NMS) upgrade.

The latest upgrade was driven by the imperative to minimize customer outages and restoration times in an era of increasing customer expectations and network complexity.

Our ADMS is a critical business system, during normal operations and bad weather.

Aaron WatsonNear Time Systems Engineer, NIE Networks

Why NIE Networks Chose Oracle

NIEN has been an NMS customer for more than 20 years. The company recently upgraded to NMS version 2.3, which offers a complete advanced distribution management system for both outage management and grid operations. This upgrade has allowed NIE Networks to maintain an overall trend of increased network reliability and improved restoration times, putting it on its way toward meeting its more stringent outage restoration targets: 90% of its customers within 180 minutes and 99% of its customers within 18 hours.


NIE Networks made the decision to upgrade its version of Oracle’s Network Management System solution as part of a larger grid technology investment program. The update will ensure that the most up-to-date information on power cuts will be passed straight from site to customers either via the website or the contact center. The upgrade will also enable real-time power flow functionality, so that the network can be managed effectively and safely.

Publié:November 25, 2020