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For more than 20 years, 15,000+ customers around the world have worked with Oracle Financing to determine the best ways to acquire technology. Oracle Financing’s experience, expertise, and insights—along with proven processes and streamlined execution—help organizations optimize their IT investments.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce up-front capital requirements
    With a payment plan, you can plan ahead. You know what to pay and when to pay it, which improves your ability to budget and forecast effectively.
  • Improve budget predictability
    With the flexibility to structure payments over multiple-year operating or capital budgets, you can map payments to budgets or to the benefits you receive from your IT investment.
  • Simplify total acquisition
    Streamlined approvals and simple documentation give you rapid access to the technology you need, when you need it. Enjoy the convenience of acquiring your total solution — even third-party products from members of Oracle PartnerNetwork—through one trusted source: Oracle.

Enterprise Business Benefits

Enterprise Business Benefits

IT acquisition can be a challenge for even the most cash-rich companies. Unpredictable costs, long project payback periods, burdensome up-front investment requirements, and lengthy approval processes can delay and derail necessary projects that put even the most successful businesses at risk of falling behind the competition.

With Oracle Financing as a partner in IT investments, enterprise businesses can:

  • Reduce total cost of acquisition and ownership
    Because one size does not fit all for the large enterprise, Oracle Financing offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible payment options so you can invest in the right IT solution at the right time.
  • Strategically align IT and business priorities
    Whether an immediate point solution or a multi-phase, multi-vendor IT project is under consideration, Oracle Financing provides financial solutions that align with your business requirements.
Enterprise Investment Program (EIP): A Proven Pathway to Optimized IT Investments (PDF)

Small and Medium Business Benefits

Small and Medium Business Benefits

Small- and medium-business IT budgets may be more constrained than those of larger enterprises, but that shouldn't prevent implementation of best-of-breed technologies. Oracle Financing helps smaller businesses minimize the risk and maximize the competitive advantage of acquiring enterprise-class products and services.

With Oracle Financing as a partner in IT investments, small and medium businesses can:

  • Get the products and services they need, when they’re needed
    Don’t delay growth by postponing critical IT acquisitions; make the investment now with flexible payment plans from Oracle Financing.
  • Reduce costs, improve cash flow, increase purchasing power
    By tailoring a payment plan to unique business needs, Oracle Financing helps keep the cost of entry for new technologies low, so precious capital can be preserved and credit lines reserved for other strategic business investments.
  • Access total solution financing and leasing for an entire IT operation
    Oracle Financing provides streamlined approval and documentation processes that simplify IT purchasing. Whether buying directly from Oracle or from an Oracle partner, Oracle Financing can help meet business and IT objectives and accelerate the benefits of your Oracle solution.
Transform Challenges into Opportunities for Innovation (PDF)

Public Sector Organization Benefits

Public Sector Organization Benefits

All organizations face the challenge of keeping mission-critical IT systems up to date and running at peak efficiency. But public sector organizations must also deal with fluctuating budget cycles and intricate regulatory constraints. For more than 20 years, Oracle Financing has been meeting the unique needs of government agencies—as well as healthcare and educational institutions—by offering a wide range of extended payment options that make it easier, faster, and more cost effective to get the technology needed, when it’s needed.

With Oracle Financing as a partner in IT investments, public sector organizations can:

  • Acquire the technology needed need now to meet mission-critical requirements
    Oracle Financing offers a simple and convenient procurement capability—with single-source bidding, contracting, and invoicing—to ease the acquisition process and help meet strategic IT objectives. Flexible payment solutions, which include standard non-appropriation language, can help organizations acquire and accelerate the value of Oracle and third-party software, hardware, and services.
  • Leverage a flexible, cost-effective way to acquire IT assets
    With a comprehensive portfolio of government-compliant payment options, Oracle Financing can help organizations improve the value of their IT solutions while reducing the cost and complexity of acquiring technology assets.
  • Simplify multi-year budgeting with extended payment plans
    With streamlined processes and flexible upgrade options, Oracle Financing can help organizations keep up with ever-changing technology and financial landscapes. By mapping payments to deployment across future budgets, up-front costs can be reduced and predictable payments maintained, making the budgeting process easier.
  • Ensure contracts are compliant with government regulations and statutes
    Extensive experience working with the public sector has helped Oracle Financing map out the delicate landscape of government procurement procedures, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio of regulatory-compliant payment solutions.
Oracle Acquisition Platform for Government (PDF)

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