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Diversity and inclusion—Be yourself here

Diversity and inclusion power innovation at Oracle. Diverse perspectives make our ideas better and our teams stronger. It’s why we’ve created a workplace where everyone can do their best work without barriers. When everyone is heard and valued, we’re inspired to go beyond what’s been done before.

Leaders champion the way forward

"We are on a big journey. This is an amazing time to be part of Oracle, and I want everyone to be involved and feel a sense of belonging. Diversity and Inclusion is not only a personal mission of mine, but it is a business imperative.”

Safra Catz, Oracle CEO

Employee spotlight

Team Oracle is for everyone



“I encourage all Super Moms out there to join Oracle and follow your aspirations.”



“Over the years we’ve come to see shifts in Oracle’s culture that have allowed for women, people of color, people from different backgrounds and cultures to make an impact.”



“At Oracle, my neurodiversity doesn’t define me.”



“A work culture where everyone is free to be themselves and nobody has to suffer a single act of discrimination”



“You are relevant and you have so much to offer. You’ll surprise yourself—I did!”



“OWL is a platform that can help everyone at Oracle increase their leadership potential”

What makes you unique is what makes you succeed

Bring your ideas, bring your curiosity and bring your true self. Build a bright future on GenO – a career programme for fresh thinkers, curious about tech and exciting to grow their career with Oracle. With stories & talent from all walks of life, GenO is the perfect place to find the technology career for you. Begin your GenO story today!


A place you’ll love to work


We’re proud to be a company that makes diversity and inclusion a priority. We listen closely to what you have to say—and we think that’s what makes us an employer of choice.


We work together to make diversity and inclusion a reality

Disability Matters

A global expert on effectively recruiting and supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace as well as marketing to the disability community in the consumer space.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

A premier nonprofit dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality and building inclusive work environments.

Disability Confident Employer

Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

The Valuable 500

The Valuable 500’s mission is to use the power of business to drive lasting change for the 1.3 billion people around the world, living with a disability.

Supported by strategic partners, the team collaborate and connect with 500 of the world’s most influential global businesses for disability inclusion. Together with Iconic Leader companies, they are developing a Transformation Programme which will drive system change and make business more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Neurodiversity in business

NiB is a business-led forum functioning as an industry group for organisations to share industry good practice on ND recruitment, retention and empowerment.

The vision is to foster a corporate environment where neurodivergent people are understood and form an invaluable part of the work culture.


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