Enhance and Measure your Cruise Ship Performance

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Fleet Management provides comprehensive information on fleet performance. Onboard transactions are logged in real-time and data is automatically transferred to shoreside operations. Fleet Management System provides cruise operator headquarters with comprehensive, detailed, and near real-time information on hospitality KPIs across the fleet.

Oracle Hospitality Cruise Fleet Management System
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Powerful Cruise Management

  • Complete fleet-wide transaction and passenger activity monitoring
  • Consolidated, accurate, and automatic data transfer to headquarters
  • Guest data linked to reservation system
  • Comprehensive, multidimensional, cruise-fleet revenue analysis
  • Scope to fine-tune cruise schedules and maximize revenue generation
  • Real-time tracking of profit and loss performance at the head office

Oracle Releases New Version of Fleet Management

Oracle Releases New Version of Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Version 9.0 provides enhanced functionality and security. The system provides comprehensive guest history data, including loyalty status and other relevant details from guests' prior voyages.

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