September 21–24, 2020

    Las Vegas

Oracle Code One


NoSQL + SQL for NodeJS, PHP, Python, Java: MySQL 8.0 is Also a Document Store

This year’s Oracle Code One offers a full track for MySQL, so join us to discover why NoSQL + SQL = MySQL and hear why the world's most popular open source database has become even more powerful. The new NoSQL feature in MySQL is dramatically changing data management for the better. Developers can now use the same database for both SQL and NoSQL, making data management a lot easier.

We also built a full solution to deliver high availability out-of-the-box and very easy to deploy and maintain. MySQL InnoDB Cluster is also DevOps friendly.

And finally, join us to discover the new MySQL client made for developers: the MySQL Shell. Speakers include MySQL engineers, domain experts, industry gurus, and engineers from companies such as Facebook, Zuora, Mercari, WePay, Credorax, and more. Learn why data management is critical to their business. Hear from MySQL engineers how to take full advantage of MySQL new features with NodeJS, PHP, Java, Python, and more. Gain insight from the leading web companies, hear their success stories, and get tips and techniques for how you can improve database performance, security, compliance, and high availability.