September 21–24, 2020

    Las Vegas

Oracle Education Foundation

Oracle Education Foundation

What happens when young people are given a platform to design and build solutions to positively impact their communities? Join us in the Hub at Oracle Code One, where students from Design Tech High School showcase the innovative prototypes they built in Oracle Education Foundation classes. From an intelligent ankle brace to a 3D printed portable motorcycle jack, see the prototypes in action and learn about the Foundation’s mission to reinvent education.

Project 1: All Jacked Up

Imagine getting a flat tire on the trail in the middle of nowhere. Bummer, right? This lightweight, portable bike lift is used in conjunction with a kickstand to lift a dirt bike tire off the ground, allowing it to be changed. It easily disassembles and fits into a rider’s small backpack. With this solution, riders can fix a flat fast, without having to lay down a 200 pound bike and then wrestle it back up again.

Project 2: Vida Cam

Early detection of breast cancer can make all the difference in the fight against it. Vida Cam is an in-home thermal imaging camera that was developed to help users track heat changes by easily taking a thermal image of their breasts and comparing the images over time.


Project 3: Socrates

Greek philosopher Socrates engaged in questioning his students, creating a “cooperative argumentative conversation” to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and assumptions. Today’s teachers are challenged to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to be heard. The Socrates system includes a device placed on each student’s desk. When a student has a question, she presses the button and her name is placed in a queue on an online dashboard. The system then tracks who is speaking and for how long to help ensure that all students are called on to talk and ask questions. Beyond the classroom, Socrates can be applied to any conversation in which it’s essential that all voices be heard.

Project 4: Commuticator

Imagine you live in beautiful rural setting—so rural that shipping companies can’t deliver to you. You need to pick up your packages at the post office, but it closes a 4 PM weekdays, and you work many miles away. Running errands is a time-consuming chore and it’s tough to fit it all in. Commuticator is a task optimizer that checks when packages arrive and where you need to be for your next appointment or errand. It then suggests the quickest route to retrieve packages, run errands, and get home. Commuticator optimizes your trips, allowing you up to make the most of your time.

Project 5: Intellibrace

Rehabilitating an injury can be frustrating, especially because it’s hard to see whether you are performing physical therapy exercise correctly. Intellibrace is an intelligent ankle brace that provides feedback for the patient while they are performing physical therapy exercises. Using a pair of accelerometers, Intellibrace measures the position of the patient’s ankle and lets them know through lights and sounds if they are performing their exercise correctly. Additionally, muscle sensors measure the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles and report if the patient is using adequate amounts of strength for each exercise.

Learn more about our program at and join us live at the Hub in the Developer Lounge.

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