Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Secure, On-Demand Identity Management

This comprehensive, next-generation security and identity management platform is cloud native and designed to be an integral part of the enterprise security fabric.

  • Gain insight into all your cloud users, applications, and groups. Quickly link to all tasks.

  • Manage cloud users, reset passwords, and change the status of individual or multiple users.

  • Customize the sign-in page with your company logo.

  • The customized sign-in page is responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Hybrid Identity Management

Hybrid Identity Management

Manage user identities for both cloud and on-premises applications with enterprise-grade hybrid deployments.

  • Protect existing identity and access management (IAM) investments with hybrid deployments that extend user identities to the cloud
  • Support digital business and enable application deployments with greater agility by providing one source for all identities
  • Realize faster time to market for line of business applications

Open and Standards-Based

Open and Standards-Based

Rapidly integrate cloud and on-premises applications using a 100% open and standards-based solution.

  • Rapidly integrate with cloud applications using standard protocols
  • Integrate IAM business logic into custom applications using open APIs
  • Reduce development costs and prevent vendor lock-in by using proven and Oracle-led industry standards

Secure Defense in Depth

Secure Defense in Depth

Gain layers of defense with identity management hosted as an Oracle public cloud service and optionally integrated with enterprise security capabilities.

  • Reduce risk using behavioral authentication to control user access across hybrid deployments
  • Gain stronger security with layers of defense in OPC that include logical, physical, and data security controls
  • Readily integrate identities with Oracle platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) applications, and augment security with third-party solutions
Video: Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Hybrid, Secure, and Open
Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Hybrid, Secure, and Open

Get a single point of management for all your on-premises and cloud systems, with one view of all your employees, partners, and customers.

Video: Secure Cloud Single Sign-On with Oracle IDCS
Secure Cloud Single Sign-On with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Keep your apps, data, and users safe, secure, and productive with Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Video: Managing Your Customers with Oracle Identity Cloud Service
Managing Your Customers with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Identity Cloud Service helps you achieve people-centric security that's both seamless and transparent to your users.

Video: Extending On-Premises Identities to the Cloud
Extending On-Premises Identities to the Cloud

Take advantage of modern, cloud-based access capabilities, while laying a foundation for tomorrow.

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