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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers a customer-friendly approach to saving money in the cloud without requiring a negotiated contract or navigating multiple discount programs. Innovative features, such as flexible compute and up to 10X lower data egress fees, help eliminate needless overpayment and billing surprises. In contrast to other providers, OCI services are priced the same for all global regions (including government regions), OCI Dedicated Region, and Oracle Alloy. Committed use discounts, software license portability, and rewards for OCI consumption are also available.

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Flexible, right-sized compute

Virtual machines are among the most popular services in the cloud. Unlike some other providers, OCI Compute allows you to scale the size by a single CPU core and 1 GB/core on AMD, Arm-based, and Intel processors, so you avoid overpaying for unneeded capacity.

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Consistently low global pricing

OCI provides consistent pricing in every region, including government regions. While customers of other providers must pay both higher and different prices in every region outside the US, OCI customers enjoy the same performance and capabilities in all OCI public regions, so you can implement your global cloud strategy while staying within budget.

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A data-friendly network

Companies are sending more data than ever across the globe to customers, recovery sites, and multiple cloud providers. Instead of holding your data hostage with exorbitant egress fees, OCI offers 10 TB free every month and up to 10X lower egress fees than other providers, so you can take your data where you want it.

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Rewards for using OCI

Many enterprise customers are still transitioning to the cloud. Oracle Support Rewards actively helps lessen the financial impact by reducing on premises technical support costs by US$0.25 for every US$1 spent on OCI, potentially down to zero, so you get even more value just by consuming services on OCI.

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Customers like you are saving with OCI

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Pay even less with Universal Credits

Pay even less

Oracle Universal Credits let customers use any OCI platform service in any region, including future cloud services. Credits are debited as you use OCI services over the course of a year, giving you the flexibility to ramp up your workloads.

Purchasing a sufficient number of Oracle Universal Credits entitles you to volume discounts. If you consume all your credits before the end of the contract, you still get the same contracted rate for services, unlike with some other cloud providers, who charge list price if you exceed the contract.

You benefit from a predictable bill and the flexibility to consume services where and when you need them.

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Enterprise support is included

Enterprise support

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications. Because of this, the base fees for OCI services include enterprise-ready support for those services—there is no extra charge for technical support of production workloads using OCI. This is in stark contrast to other providers, who can charge 3% to 10% of the prior month (or year), sometimes with a minimum charge, whether or not you ever contact support.

You benefit from support that’s included in the base service fee, regardless of whether you use it to answer a billing question or resolve a high-severity, high-impact issue.

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Optimize your spend

Optimize spend

OCI provides free tools and reports from the OCI Console to help you monitor, manage, and control your spend.

Enhance your FinOps capabilities with budgets, visualizations, and advice. Create budgets that set thresholds for your expected spending, with the ability to include alerts that let you know if you may exceed those thresholds. Leverage easy-to-use visualization tools that help you track and optimize your cloud spending. Schedule cost and usage reports that show usage at the resource level. Receive free recommendations from Oracle Cloud Advisor about potential money-saving options, such as identifying underused resources or enabling auto-tuning features.

You benefit by clearly understanding your cloud spend and avoiding unexpected bills.

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A data-friendly network

Data-friendly network

Our customers process and send a lot of data out into the world. OCI customers run web conferences, operate distribution networks, host online games, stream high-quality video, and provide virtual desktops, all in addition to replicating to multiple regions for high availability and integrating with multiple cloud providers.

OCI charges significantly less for data egress than other cloud providers across all regions, and that’s even after including the first 10 TB per month for free. In addition, Oracle has partnered with Microsoft to create high-speed, low-latency interconnects in select regions that enable cross-cloud applications between OCI and Azure. Private interconnects, which we call OCI FastConnect, have only a monthly port charge—and you can move as much data as you want over that port.

You benefit by controlling your data and affordably moving it where and when you need it.

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Pay the same price in every region

Pay the same price

For enterprises that want to expand in multiple geographies without constraints, OCI provides a consistent experience in every region in terms of both performance and cost. Customers can stay within their original budget and forecast cloud spending accurately, wherever their applications are deployed.

OCI charges the same for a service regardless of the region, including in government regions. This consistency also extends to OCI Dedicated Region and Oracle Alloy (although there are minimum spend requirements). This is in contrast to other cloud providers, who charge different amounts—sometimes significantly more—based on the region.

You benefit from predictable costs as you scale across the globe.

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Pay and use only the compute you need

Pay/Use only you need

Many customers take advantage of virtual machines for increased control of their computing environment and to enable easy migrations from on premises. OCI provides virtual machines based on the most popular processor architectures: AMD, Arm, and Intel.

OCI virtual machines are designed to precisely match your workload. You choose the number of CPU cores (processing performance) and memory within the generous limits of the processing architecture. Most other cloud providers offer only fixed configurations of CPU and memory that typically double in size and cost as they scale up. So for workloads that only need a bit more capacity, you could potentially pay for twice as much as you need.

Watch out for claimed spot savings from other cloud providers. While you might save significantly, you run the risk of having an instance pulled out with about a minute’s worth of warning—that’s not something a typical production workload is designed for.

The majority of our customers can choose OCI Block Volumes (balanced setting) to use with their compute. Oracle’s straightforward cloud storage pricing has no provisioning charges, complex pricing formulas, or pricing variances based on geography. In addition, it can automatically tune down the performance when appropriate to increase your savings.

You benefit by using and paying only for the compute capacity you need.

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Get rewarded for using OCI

Get rewarded

With Oracle Support Rewards, the more you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the more you save. You can accrue US$0.25 to US$0.33 in rewards for every US$1 spent on OCI. Apply those rewards to reduce your on premises technical software license support bill, even down to zero*.

Oracle Support Rewards is available for all Oracle customers with tech license support and new Universal Credit orders, including renewals. Other cloud providers don’t offer a customer loyalty program that rewards you.

You benefit by reducing your on premises technical support spend as you expand on OCI.

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Qualetics lowers TCO by 40%

“From a business perspective, Qualetics’ transition from AWS to OCI was transparent to our customers. When we engage with existing and potential customers, we can say ‘Yes’ to their requests with a lot more confidence because, as their businesses scale up, we can support them with a consistent cost and performance structure.”
—Mike Fowler, Cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer, Qualetics Data Machines

WorkForce moved and saved 40% in their CapEx expenditure

“We saw a financial performance that allowed us just out of the gate to save 40% in our CapEx expenditure, and with the great performance we're getting from OCI, the ROI that we deliver with our suite continues to get better and better.”
—Mike Morini, Chief Executive Officer, WorkForce Software

Sentinel saved 2X on the cost of hardware

“When we moved to Oracle Cloud and the Exadata Database Service, we were able to grow capacity based on customer growth and peak demand needs.”
—Yoganand Rajala, Chief Technology Officer, Sentinel

Subaru dramatically reduces operational costs

“We chose OCI because it allowed us to dramatically reduce operational costs. And making greater use of OCI will streamline our planning and development, increase our ability to flexibly handle new technologies, and allow us to create vehicles that guarantee safety in any situation.”
—Yoshihiro Takekuma, IT Operation and Management Section, Engineering Information Management Department, Subaru

Mythics reduces the complexity and cost of cloud security with OCI

When organizations move to the cloud, security is often an afterthought. They take a piecemeal approach and end up paying for security services from multiple vendors. With OCI, Oracle has taken a security-first approach to deliver a suite of security services, many of which are free and all of which are thoughtfully orchestrated to work together.”
—Erik Benner, Vice President of Enterprise Transformation, Mythics

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* The reduction in the technology support bill is subject to regional tax regulations. Taxes cannot be paid with Support Rewards. Only the pretax invoice amount can be paid with Support Rewards.