Oracle GoldenGate Downloads

This page contains the latest, popular GA releases of Oracle GoldenGate software on various platforms, but may not be the most recent bundle patch containing recent bug fixes.

Oracle recommends always running the most current bundle patch of any Oracle GoldenGate release.

Please check My Oracle Support to see if there is a more recent bundle patch available for the build.

The complete set of Oracle GoldenGate (for Oracle), Oracle GoldenGate for Non Oracle Database, and other GoldenGate software, is available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

The certification matrices contain the complete list of supported platforms.


  • Operating System--including version and chipset (x86, x86-64bit, IA64, etc.)
  • Database--including version and bit information

Oracle GoldenGate Studio

Note: Oracle GoldenGate software for other databases and platforms is available at the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud