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Oracle AI Offerings Take Center Stage in Business

Oracle continues to infuse AI across its offerings, generating positive press about the competitive advantages.

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Forbes Article: Oracle Supercharges Its Cloud Applications with Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is drastically altering the way companies do business. Now, new, embedded AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud Applications can help businesses leverage this major technology in a simpler, more efficient way… Read


Blog Post: Tapping Into Data Capital with AI and Machine Learning

As companies begin to understand the vast potential of their data, the question they face is: How does our business make the most of it? The answer lies in getting real-time… Read


Blog Post: Can't Stop Cyberattacks? Teach Your Computer to Do It

Corporate security teams have long built firewalls to keep the information held inside company networks safe. But that approach carries fewer safety guarantees today, now that so many companies have embraced telecommuting and allow staffers to work from their own devices. Employees are using their smartphones and tablets… Read


Blog Post: Hurd Says Oracle's AI Strategy Is Business-Focused

During an interview with CNBC after Oracle announced record fourth-quarter earnings, CEO Mark Hurd noted the extent to which the company is infusing its cloud applications with artificial intelligence capabilities… Read


Blog Post: HR and Artificial Intelligence: What Are the Implications?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been the stuff of fantasy and science fiction. We’re now seeing these dreams become reality. As always, in any industry, high-growth opportunities belong to the early adopters. These include many small-to-medium businesses that have the vision and flexibility to quickly identify and adopt new solutions—well ahead of their larger counterparts… Read


Blog Post: Hurd—Oracle's New AI Applications Are a Powerful Piece of Its Winning Cloud Strategy

“Our strategy and momentum are irrefutable—we are the fastest-growing cloud company at scale,” Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told USA Today in an interview published this week… Read


Press Release: Oracle Empowers Customer Experience Professionals with New Artificial Intelligence Apps

Innovative commerce, marketing, and sales and service apps enable smarter customer experiences that drive tangible and predictable business results… Read


Blog Post: How AI Can Make Your Systems Management Software Smarter

Major airlines often are forced to cancel flights because of relatively minor computer-related glitches and outages, stranding customers and costing the airlines countless millions of dollars in refunds and vouchers. Such unforeseen failures provide a textbook argument for smarter systems-management software, whose machine-learning technology and ability to process huge amounts of data… Read


Blog Post: What Is the Real Value of Artificial Intelligence in Finance?

“A company’s data is its most valuable weapon,” says Steve Miranda, Oracle’s executive vice president of applications development. Most of the finance executives I know would agree with this statement. After all, finance professionals have built whole careers on data and numbers. And yet, very few of today’s finance teams make the best use of the data they have… Read


Blog Post: Adaptive Intelligence—What You Need to Know Now

Being adaptive means that we respond to change, but it also means we may create change. When the wind blows, you can be cold, put a jacket on, or get out of the wind. Adaptive intelligence—a subset of artificial intelligence (AI)—is the analytics layer for AI and machine learning applications, and it’s the intersection of human judgment and machine automation… Read


Blog Post: IDC Perspective—Data as a Service Driving Competitive Advantage

Analyst perspective on Oracle Data Cloud’s consumer insights advantage highlighted in six case studies… Read