Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit

Build Applications Faster with Low Code

16 December 2020 ǀ Original global broadcast


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Oracle Application Express (APEX) creators Michael Hichwa and Joel Kallman show how the latest APEX offering is faster, lower cost, and worry-free. With 50,000 organizations having built more than 2 million apps with APEX, hear the benefits of adopting it for your organisation.

Introduction (1:28)

Joel Kallman, co-creator of APEX, introduces Building Applications Faster with Low Code.

Trends in Low Code (14:55)

Senior Analyst John Bratincevic, Forrester, and Michael Hichwa, Senior Vice President, Oracle Database Developer Technologies discuss trends in the low-code industry and how it is shaping bespoke application development.

Oracle APEX Service - Build app 20x faster with 20x less code (14:13)

Michael Hichwa, founder of Oracle Application Express (APEX), covers challenges customers face in app development, as well as new capabilities to help Oracle customers and partners succeed.

Customer Spotlight: fäm Properties (3:03)

Listen to what fäm Properties has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their business objectives.

Oracle APEX Overview (10:55)

Joel Kallman, co-creator of APEX, provides an overview of APEX, including common use cases, competitive advantages and how APEX can help you respond quickly to rapidly changing business needs.

Partner Spotlight: MT-AG (3:06)

Listen to what our partner, MT-AG, has to say about Oracle APEX, and how APEX has helped them meet their customer's needs.

Getting Started with APEX (4:18)

Joel Kallman, Senior Director for Oracle APEX, shows how easy it is to get started with APEX, and demonstrates the creation of a powerful APEX app in minutes.

APEX Hands-on Lab (37:33)

Watch our Hands-on Lab and learn with our APEX expert Salim Hlayel how to convert a spreadsheet into a multi-user Web application in minutes.

Self-guided APEX Hands-on Lab