Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

26 January, 2021 ǀ Original global broadcast

Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Applications on OCI

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A move to the cloud is imminent for almost every business. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are in a position to both make that transition and to guide their customers in this critical shift. To be successful and to grow, businesses need a cloud platform that is open, scalable, secure, flexible, and highly performant, not to mention competitively priced.

Keynote: Why ISVs are Choosing Oracle Cloud (13:29)

Javier Torres discusses why ISVs are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for unmatched price-performance, unified data management, comprehensive SLAs and other innovative services to deliver superior value to their customers.

Javier Torres, EMEA Vice President Alliances, Channels & ISVs, Oracle

Nexus Nederland: Benefits of Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (7:32)

Nexus Nederland, one of the largest healthcare solution providers in Europe, discusses why they moved their products to the cloud, leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, to better serve customers.

Fred Hiddinga, General Manager, NEXUS Nederland
Erik Toet, CTO, NEXUS Nederland

PEIQ: Benefits of Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (6:37)

PEIQ, who assist over 600 newspapers in creating successful stories, describe how their customers use cloud to digitize the whole industry and the benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to their business.

Dr. Matthias Möller, Founder and Head of Marketing, PEIQ

OpenWay: Benefits of Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (7:15)

OpenWay, a market leader in digital payment solutions, shares why offering cloud-based solutions is crucial for ISVs in financial services and the benefits of leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Dmitry Yatskaer, Chief Technology Officer, OpenWay
Maria Vinogradova, Director of Strategy and Market Intelligence, OpenWay

How ISVs Build Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (15:31)

Regis Louis explores the capabilities an ISV needs to build SaaS products on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and scale to millions of users globally.

Regis Louis, Vice President, EMEA Cloud Strategy and OCI Center of Excellence, Oracle

Next Steps & How to Get Started (0:33)

Simon Hill shares how ISVs can get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the programs and resources available to support your journey to delivering superior value to your customers.

Simon Hill, Senior Director, EMEA ISV Business Development, Oracle

Explore the 5 steps to getting started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for ISVs