Modern Customer Experience

2–3 February 2016, InterContinental London – O2
Value-infused engagements and insight for sustainable growth.
Learn how to:
  • Understand and act on customer behaviours
  • Engage customers earlier
  • Remove effort and add value

Modern Finance Experience

2–3 February 2016, InterContinental London – O2
Creating value for confident growth.
Discover how to:
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Increase efficiency
  • Empower your workforce to improve operational agility

Modern HCM Experience

2–3 February 2016, InterContinental London – O2
Harnessing digital transformation to drive value.
Learn how to:
  • How to deliver an engaging digital workforce experience
  • Win the war to source the best talent and drive performance
  • Utilise the power of modern analytics

Modern Supply Chain Experience

2–3 February 2016, InterContinental London – O2
Let your supply chain transformation begin.
Discover how to:
  • Transform your Supply Chain into a Value Chain
  • Utilise insights across your supply chain
  • Leverage new Cloud, social, mobile and analytics offerings


2–3 February 2016, InterContinental London – O2
Reimagining the role of IT in the digital transformation economy.
Discover how to:
  • Make your business more agile leveraging a Cloud Platform
  • Succeed on your Digital Transformation journey
  • Secure, Integrate and Mobilize ALL your applications, on-premise and into the cloud

Oracle Cloud Day:
Transform Your Tomorrow

Deltag 3. december på Oracle Cloud Day i København og oplev, hvordan Oracle kan hjælpe dig med at rykke fra ide til resultater, og I kan tage hul på virksomhedens fremtid i dag.

3. december 2015, København.


Oracle announces breakthrough processor and systems design with SPARC M7, delivering advanced security, deep integration from applications to cloud, and world record performance.

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