Oracle's Powerful Cloud Vision

Oracle is leading the charge to a cloud-centric enterprise world, with native cloud applications and a powerful public cloud business model. Learn how Oracle's vision can accelerate your organization.

Oracle HCM World 2016

Oracle's signature human resources event comes to Chicago, April 5-7. Hear from industry influencers, share best practices, and learn how forward-thinking organizations are employing modern HR to transform their organizations.

Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues for 2016

To thrive in the new year, organizations must embrace new technologies at an unparalleled pace. Yet CIOs have never had a better opportunity to add value to their organizations—if they embrace the challenge.

Enabling Commerce Anywhere

Oracle Retail delivers mission-critical solutions with industry leading innovation and features.


Oracle announces breakthrough processor and systems design with SPARC M7, delivering advanced security, deep integration from applications to cloud, and world record performance.

Oracle has products and solutions for every role in the enterprise

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