Oracle Human Capital Management for Executives

Oracle HCM Solutions for HR Executives
HCM for Executives

Modern HR Tools
Talent-Centric Talent-Centric

Can you find, hire, develop and retain the best talent?

A complete talent solution—that's social and collaborative, mobile and engaging—allows you to understand the best sources of internal and external talent so you can respond quickly to talent needs and execute a forward-looking talent strategy.

Complete HR System
Collaborative Collaborative

Do you create and support a collaborative, productive working environment?

With pervasive collaborative capabilities such as social sourcing, social performance, social goal and career management, and social learning embedded in your HR processes, you can drive better peer-to-peer communication, facilitate employee collaboration, and enable knowledge sharing in the workforce.

Predictive Analytics
Insightful Insightful

Can you provide workforce insight to every department?

With big data and predictive and embedded analytics solutions, you can answer complex workforce questions, forecast performance and risks, and empower your staff to make decisions based on real-time data.

Mobile and Engaging
Mobile and EngagingMobile and Engaging

Are your HR applications accessible and easy to use—by everyone in the organization?

Help your employees get their jobs done faster while fostering great employee experiences—even when they're on the go, or working on smart phones or tablets, with personalized, easy-to-use HR applications and in-context relevant information, 100% available on mobile devices.

Predictive Analytics
HR and ERP: A Unified Platform HR and ERP: A Unified Platform

Are your HR and ERP platforms truly aligned?

A unified cloud suite shares HR and financial data for a deeper view into your business. Your operations are simplified, streamlined, and better able to support marketplace changes and growth. Executives and managers have access to cross-functional data for better decision-making, whether it's a financial or people measure.

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