Increased responsiveness of customers’ digital ecosystem through seamless cloud-based third-party integrations


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In an increasingly digital world, customers often transact through multiple third-party platforms such as eCommerce portals, online food delivery platforms, wallets and more. The growing burden of supporting third-party transactions was putting pressure on HDFC Bank’s core banking system.

To counter this, Oracle and the Bank had to rethink the dynamics of the Oracle Banking Platform (OBP). They also needed to ensure that system upgrades would not disturb the ever-active online banking platform. Oracle addressed the issue by migrating the OBP to Oracle cloud using end-to-end automation. This allowed the 10-hour upgrade to be executed in a few minutes. The upgrade expanded the capabilities of the OBP which resulted in several benefits for the customer:

  • The system was able to process huge transaction volumes within a shorter timeframe, which ensured that all transactions would succeed.
  • The online banking platform could be used effortlessly from any third-party channel, with minimal to no delay.

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