Customized service offerings with stream analytics


Customized service young man in an office space


HDFC Bank has always strived to provide rewarding experiences to its customers. This means giving customers relevant, personalised, and timely opportunities to expand their banking footprint.

The Oracle Stream Analytics suite captures and analyses a customer’s live transaction data in real time and provides customised offerings at the end of the transaction that are based on the data. For instance, when a customer withdraws money using a credit card, a customised personal loan offer is shared along with the message bearing the transaction receipt.

This solution was initially implemented to enhance HDFC Bank’s credit card business. But its success prompted the Bank to expand it to debit card transactions as well. Today, the solution is used to send instant SMS and email alerts for all debit and credit card transactions.

The use of customised service offerings helps the Bank’s customers make better, well-informed financial choices.

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