Partnering with Oracle and HDFC Bank

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The Oracle story– Innovations of tomorrow, today

Oracle helps some of the world’s leading financial services companies build effective digital ecosystems that empower customers. Oracle’s suite of data-driven solutions allows its clients to harness in-depth insights to make efficient business decisions.

Through its partnership with HDFC Bank, Oracle has had a significant impact on the Indian banking ecosystem. Oracle has contributed cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, innovative applications, and a people-centric technology roadmap to take HDFC Bank into the future.

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The HDFC Bank story – A digital bank for every Indian

Since its inception 26 years ago, HDFC Bank has endeavoured to bring technology-led financial services to the doorstep of every Indian. This has only been possible through continuous self-disruption, innovation, and adaption. Today, HDFC Bank is the largest private bank in India with 1.16 lakh employees and operations spread across 2,803 urban, semi-urban, and rural locations.

HDFC Bank’s partnership with Oracle has helped it navigate the dynamic financial landscape and emerge as a pioneer in technology adoption across retail, corporate and wholesale banking. As HDFC Bank and Oracle celebrate 25 years of banking innovation through disruption, they are geared up for all challenges and opportunities that the future holds.