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Contattaci Accedi a Oracle Cloud

Oracle API Management

Oracle Cloud provides a complete set of services to manage the lifecycle of APIs (application programming interfaces). Oracle Apiary lets API designers easily prototype and validate APIs so that their applications can better communicate with each other. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway provides developers the capability to securely expose their application’s APIs for commercial or regulatory purposes. Oracle API Platform Cloud Service enables API operators to monitor and monetize APIs—across on-premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party cloud environments.

API Management

Oracle API Management consists of Oracle Apiary, Oracle API Gateway, and Oracle API Platform.

Design and develop APIs

Prototype APIs easily

Oracle Apiary lets API designers manage all API specifications in a single dashboard to accelerate the API design process.

OpenAPI support

Support for the widely recognized OpenAPI standard enables third-party developers to easily adopt your organization’s APIs.

Improve efficiency in the design process

With mock APIs and Github autosync, API developers don't need to write any code until they know what their teammates and customers need. Apiary introduces feedback early in the API’s lifecycle and streamlines its implementation.

Generate API documentation quickly

Auto-generated documentation lets API designers easily publish API details to their organization’s developer portals.

Deploy APIs

Oracle-managed API front-end

Oracle API Gateway s a highly available virtual network appliance that can receive API calls at scale and route them to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure back-end services such as load balancers, compute, Kubernetes, and serverless functions.

Deploy APIs privately or publicly

Based on their application’s requirements, API developers can restrict API access within a private network (a regional subnet) or enable API access from the internet.

Serverless APIs

Serverless APIs using API Gateway and Oracle Functions can automatically scale-up and scale-down resources based on demand, thereby eliminating infrastructure operations.

API Security

Secure your APIs using JSON Web Tokens provided by Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Okta, Auth0 and other third-party identity providers. Create APIs that support Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for web page interoperability.

Rate limiting policies

Rate-limiting for APIs can throttle traffic to back-end services, thereby controlling exposure to the Internet and protecting against denial-of-service attacks.

Publish and consume APIs

Customized portal for agile API development

API Platform Cloud Service provides a developer portal for developers to discover, learn, and test their APIs.

Hybrid cloud integration

API product managers can integrate with Oracle Identity Cloud Service to deliver APIs for Oracle Cloud, on-premises, and third-party cloud environments.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

API developers and operators can control access to APIs and ensure that only authorized subscribers can access them.

Usage plans for monetization, access control, and service levels

Through usage plans, API product managers can enable different levels of cost, access, and quality of service.

View all customer successes

API Management customer successes

Customers across a wide range of industries use Oracle Cloud for API management.

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After a COVID-19 outbreak, OCI was instrumental in reopening Pompeii

API Management use cases

  • Extend SaaS applications with cloud native

    Design and deploy a SaaS extension for Oracle Fusion Applications using Oracle Visual Builder, Oracle Functions, and Oracle API Gateway.

    Explore the architecture

  • Build an API

    Prepare, design, and prototype APIs by defining application domain semantics and deciding on the API architectural style.

    Read the technical brief (PDF)

  • Secure, RESTful API Gateway as a façade

    Create a proxy to authenticate with identity providers and provide access to multiple RESTful services both in the cloud and on-premises.

    View the architecture

API Management Pricing

API Management

Pay as You Go

User Per Month

User Per Month
API Gateway

1 Million API Calls Per Month
API Platform Cloud Service

Gateway Per Hour

Annual Flex Pricing = Pay as You Go Pricing

Billing inquiries

May 6, 2021

API design is essential to cloud native development

Robert Wunderlich, Product Strategy Director

Cloud native is gaining in popularity as more developers look to build highly scalable and maintainable solutions. But what does cloud native really mean, and how are APIs related?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation provides the following definition of cloud native...

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