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Oracle at Oracle logo

Oracle powers its business with Oracle Cloud

At Oracle, we transformed our business and reimagined the experience we deliver to our customers and employees with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Applications.

We’re celebrating a milestone with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Doug Kehring, our executive vice president for corporate operations, reflects on the recent history that led us to the full migration of our financial operations—and the new value that we’re finding with Order-to-Revenue in the cloud.

See how we’re all-in on cloud

Immerse yourself in this recent Deloitte-led discussion with Oracle’s Doug Kehring and Scott Gawel, which gives acute insight into the how and why of our cloud transformation, particularly in the areas of business and finance.

Oracle Cloud Guard keeps us secure

Offered free of charge for customers with supported Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, Cloud Guard has been a huge success for internally, helping us identify security risks and establish best practices for detection and response.


Douglas Kehring on Oracle’s journey to the cloud

Douglas Kehring, executive vice president of corporate operations at Oracle, provides his perspective on Oracle’s journey to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud powers Oracle

Oracle is the only cloud provider that runs entirely on its own cloud, including infrastructure, database, and applications.

Doing business in 175countries

Managing 22,000new hires / year


Driving $40Brevenue

Partnering with 40,000suppliers

Handling 30,000employee (expense / week)

Employing 136,000employees

Completing 10–12acquisitions / year

Oracle uses its cloud for all internal operations

Comprehensive and fully integrated cloud applications and infrastructure.





Database Networking
Analytics Compute
Integration Storage
App Dev Security
Oracle@Oracle logo

Oracle finance team: journey to the cloud

Maria Smith, senior vice president of finance, and Enzo Tolino, vice president of finance at Oracle, share Oracle’s journey to the cloud.

Maria Smith and Enzo Tolino—Oracle Finance Team: Journey to the Cloud


Discover how Oracle is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run critical functions and operations across the company and to power every dimension of our business with speed, agility, security and reliability.


Discover how Oracle is using Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM to transform finance and become a predictive powerhouse that steers the business and leads the way forward.

Human Resources

Discover how Oracle is using Oracle HCM Cloud to transform our hiring, onboarding, and development processes to attract, retain and grow the highest caliber employees and enable their productivity and success.

Supply Chain

Discover how Oracle is using Oracle SCM Cloud to manage our supply chain at scale, building and deploying cloud (data center) technology with world class speed and responsiveness.

Customer Experience

Discover how Oracle is using Oracle Cloud CX to transform the marketing, sales, and service experience to serve customers with efficiency and consistency.


Discover how Oracle is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle SCM Cloud to further our environmental performance and demonstrate that what is good for the environment is also good for business.

Oracle@Oracle business transformation framework

We reimagined our business with a unique transformation framework that enables exceptional customer and employee experiences and operational excellence.


Remove and simplify steps across the experience


Enable users to complete the experience autonomously

cycle image


Design a positive experience that users love


Automate the end-to-end experience with Oracle Cloud



Digital transformation evaluation framework for Oracle Corporation

Omdia (formerly Ovum) takes an inside look at our journey to the cloud with this comprehensive research study.

Omdia established a framework for evaluating progress that vendors and service providers have made towards their own internal transformations. This report evaluates the progress that Oracle Corporation—one of the world’s largest enterprise applications vendors—has made towards its pivot to a services-oriented business model.


5 ways Oracle uses its own cloud infrastructure to run the company

Oracle has moved its core business operations onto its own Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Critical applications, databases, software development tools, and other technology have all shifted to Oracle’s next-gen cloud.

“Oracle has moved its core business operations onto its own Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Critical applications, databases, software development tools, and other technology have all shifted to Oracle’s next-gen cloud.”

Edward Screven - Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle Corporation

AUGUST 9, 2021

Celebrating a milestone: Oracle completes its move to Fusion Cloud ERP

Douglas Kehring, Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations

Business transformation is a journey, not a destination—but that doesn’t mean it should be approached at a walking pace. Here at Oracle, we understand that moving quickly and making continuous advancements is mission-critical to our success. And that’s why we’ll never stop reimagining how we use our technology, equip our people, and refine our processes internally to power our business. It makes no sense to stop, when our underlying mandate is to stay ahead of our customers’ ever-evolving expectations.

Read the full article

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See how ISVs can benefit from our own migration experience

Oracle@Oracle E-book



Use our cloud roadmap to guide your journey in the cloud.

Read this interactive e-book to learn how to do it yourself and what you’ll gain. Study our results and lessons learned—and follow our proven roadmap to get you there.

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Oracle transforms its finance organization

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Oracle shortens financial close by 20%

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Oracle transforms its HR organization


Oracle@Oracle Case Studies

Oracle transforms its finance organization with Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM

With Oracle Cloud, we have enabled our company to significantly advance our environmental performance, showing that what’s good for the environment is good for business.

How Oracle Teams Shortened The Monthly Financial Close By 20%—While Working From Home

Oracle is making progress toward its goal of an automated close of its monthly financial books—and in March, with the finance team working from home because of COVID-19, the company shortened that close by 20%.

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