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Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for Oracle Database and Engineered Systems deployed in cloud and customer data centers. Customers can run Enterprise Manager on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Analyst report: The value of using Enterprise Manager

A recent survey by Pique Solutions showed that companies using Enterprise Manager lowered operational management costs by more than 60%. Read the full report to discover all the business benefits of Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Delivers Next-Gen Automation

Watch Wim Coekaerts, SVP of software development, describe key innovations in Enterprise Manager that help you easily migrate your databases to the cloud and simply the management of hybrid IT environments.

Explore Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Database performance management

Find, fix, validate

Monitor and manage an entire Oracle Database estate from a top-level view across on-premises and cloud. Integrated, automated, deep dive interactive analytics help database administrators find, fix, and validate problems faster.

Oracle Exadata management

Performance and utilization

Oracle Enterprise Manager uses a holistic approach to manage Oracle Exadata Database Machine and provides performance monitoring and management for efficient consolidation and maintenance, on-premises and in Oracle Cloud.

Database lifecycle management


Oracle Enterprise Manager database lifecycle management automates discovery, provisioning and cloning, patching, configuration and compliance management, and ongoing change management.

Database as a Service


Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers a choice of private cloud DBaaS service models, including virtual machines on shared servers, dedicated databases on shared servers, dedicated schemas, and pluggable databases using Oracle Database Multitenant.

Enterprise Manager Product Detail

Documentation, demonstrations

Use Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage all of your Oracle deployments, in your data center or in the cloud. Enables management and automation support for Oracle applications, databases, middleware, hardware, and Engineered Systems.


Comcast maximizes performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Comcast uses Oracle Enterprise Manager database lifecycle management for deep performance visibility into their database fleet and to automate provisioning, maximize utilization, and provide a self-service database provisioning portal.

Enterprise Manager use cases

  • Find, fix, and validate database performance issues

    Automation with integrated diagnostics, tuning, and validation speeds troubleshooting and corrective action.

    Read more about validation

  • Automate database lifecycle operations including provisioning

    Database operations fleet-wide automation reduces manual effort, eliminates human errors, and helps stay current on patches.

    Read about database automation

  • Resolve issues before users are impacted

    Proactively manage alert templates, automatically send notifications, and enable team collaboration to rapidly troubleshoot issues impacting customer IT operations

    Find out more

September 15, 2020

Database Automation Using Self-Service Database Provisioning

Timothy Mooney, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle

If you and your DBA team are looking for ways to expedite software development and dramatically improve the time to deployment of databases, this webinar is for you.

Read the complete post


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Getting Started Guide

This guide enables you to get started with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Introduction to Enterprise Manager

A brief architectural overview along with key and new features.

Enterprise Manager Administrator’s Guide

This guide describes how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control core functionality.

Deep Dive Webcast Series

Enterprise Manager deep dive webcast and workshop series.