Unify HCM with Application Integration

Eliminate connectivity barriers to consolidate HR processes, improve employee engagement, and reduce costs. Oracle’s simplified solution to cloud integration seamlessly bridges the divide between on-premises HRIS and modern cloud HCM.

HR applications integration

Migrate HR

Migrate HR to the Cloud

Instead of replacing all of your existing on-premises HCM applications, maximize your existing technology investment with a hybrid integration solution. Migrate some of your HCM applications (such as talent or procurement) to the cloud while maintaining core HR on premises. Oracle Integration accelerates your ability to deliver seamless connectivity and end-to-end process automations across your cloud and on-premises applications.

New Hire Onboarding

Improve new hire onboarding

As your candidates transition into employees, make sure that the process is smooth and seamless. With packaged application adapters and best practice automations, candidates can securely share information from LinkedIn and other sources. Automate the entire process to include key approvers and accelerate time to productivity for new hires.

Application Adapters for HCM

Oracle Integration and Oracle SOA Suite can integrate any SaaS or on-premises HCM application. To simplify this connectivity and automation across a diverse mix of applications, Oracle offers a library of packaged adapters that provide you with a faster way to navigate the various protocols required by each application vendor. In addition to application adapters, Oracle offers many other integration options including technology adapters for REST, SOAP, LDAP, FTP, and file-based access.

Global HR synchronization

Whether you’re dealing with mergers and acquisitions, or the need to compete in a global, digital marketplace, you need a unified view across all of your disparate cloud and on-premises HR applications. Instead of having disconnected silos, you can unify global workforce data and streamline HR processes across the enterprise. Leverage data-driven insights to understand what is happening today and make confident decisions about the future.