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Opower energy efficiency products use behavioral science, disaggregation, and AI to help people save energy, engage digitally, adopt home upgrade and demand flexibility programs—and feel satisfied by the experience.

Learn how Opower helps utilities move the metrics that matter.

Opower energy efficiency products

Opower energy efficiency products combine AI and behavioral science to influence customer energy-saving actions at scale. Our approach has helped utilities deliver 30 TWh of savings and reduce customer bills by $2 billion.

A totally reimagined HER

Opower HERs have a bold, modern design with new layouts, more color, and new energy insights. Our reports have evolved into infographics or posters that could look right at home displayed on the customer’s refrigerator.

A focus on digital interactions

Every Opower HER invites customers to a new kind of relationship, one that’s easy, digital, and delightful. Our HERs are designed to spark positive emotion and lead disengaged customers to engage digitally.

Energy insights for all

Paper and digital reports keep the experience fresh with a library of personalized insights. Our reports cover the wide range of options available to customers (whether owners or renters), including those with or without smart meters, those who are on variable rates or who may have electric vehicles (EVs), or solar. Reports are also generated for those who may need energy assistance.

High bill alerts

Opower identifies customers trending toward high bills, and automatically sends them high bill alerts with personalized energy insights, energy efficiency tips, and program promotions to help them save.

Weekly energy updates

Powered by smart-meter data, the Opower weekly updates provide additional usage insights such as day-by-day energy consumption, helping customers answer billing questions themselves without having the need to contact the call center.

Home energy audit

Leverages discrete energy-use data and insights through a brief, intuitive survey that provides personalized breakdowns of how customers use energy, as well as ways they can save. 80% of customers who start an Opower audit complete it.

Bite-sized home energy audit

Included as a module in eHERs, this home energy audit type spurs customer engagement—posing a single question that directs customers to a web page, where more questions or targeted offers enable deeper personalization.

Video energy reports

Help customers better understand their energy usage with animated stories that include personalized energy usage insights and cost-saving advice.

Video product promotions

Raise awareness and generate introductions to new programs or technologies—such as heat pumps—with personalized animations that use behavioral prompts to influence customer action and adoption.

Everyone can save with the new Opower home energy report

National Grid turned to the new Opower home energy reports to achieve cost-effective energy savings, making it easier than ever for customers to digitally engage and take action.

Opower energy efficiency benefits

01Deliver cost-effective energy savings

Verified more than 150 times, Opower energy efficiency programs meet or exceed cost-savings targets and deliver a great customer experience.

02Achieve uplift in related programs and services

Accelerate adoption of other programs up to 60% by embedding next best actions throughout the customer experience.

03Improve customer satisfaction

Raise customer satisfaction scores by an average of 5 to 8%.

04Achieve net-zero carbon targets

Deliver energy savings and increase adoption of distributed energy and variable pricing programs.

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