Oracle Siebel CRM

Utilize a complete, enterprise grade CRM solution, capable of extreme scale and performance for even the most complex organizations. Oracle Siebel CRM has unrivalled customization and integration capabilities, an open architecture for a truly personalized user experience, and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. It’s a key component of Oracle’s customer experience (CX) and industry solution strategy.

Utilize a complete, enterprise grade CRM solution
  • Siebel CRM in the Oracle Cloud Siebel CRM in the Oracle Cloud

    Reduce TCO, improve performance and agility, and enhance your Siebel CRM solution by moving it to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

  • Complete industry solutions Complete industry solutions

    Deliver real value with broad, rich, industry-specific functionality that paves the way for a complete CX transformation.

  • Enhance Siebel CRM with Oracle CX Enhance Siebel CRM with Oracle CX

    Complement and augment Siebel CRM with Oracle CX applications. Reimagine CRM with a CX mindset across marketing, sales, and customer service.

Explore Oracle Siebel CRM

Siebel Sales

Improve pipeline visibility, account planning, and productivity—all from a single application. Collaborate across teams including marketing, service, inventory, and finance for a complete customer 360 view that improves sales efficacy.

Account, opportunity, and territory management

Segment territories, assign/manage leads and opportunities, add contacts, prioritize actions, and collaborate with other sellers. Use your comprehensive customer 360-degree view—including customer service, order, and interaction histories—to improve responsiveness and enhance CX.

Sales methodology coaching

Ensure consistent sales performance. Leverage built-in best practices to identify problems and deliver effective coaching—personalized to the needs of each salesperson.

Sales forecasting

Make better decisions with a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire sales team. Proactively address sales trends, shortfalls, and new revenue opportunities.

Order management

Create quotes and proposals, configure products, and submit orders. Generate quotes and manage contracts and services for accounts with many locations, streamlining the quote-to-cash process.

Mobile selling

Check daily appointments, tasks, contacts, and annotate opportunities while on the move through your smartphone. Speed time to market with an intuitive user experience and the ability to easily customize your mobile app based on existing CRM metadata.

Partner relationship management (PRM)

Automates and streamlines the relationship between your brand and all your channel and alliance partners, distributors, resellers, agents, brokers, or dealers. Track leads, share information, assess partner progress, improve forecasting accuracy, manage complex pricing schemes, and oversee channel operations. Build a partner ecosystem to drive sales and reduce management costs.

Extend functionality with Oracle Sales

Combine Siebel CRM with Oracle Sales for extended sales functionality. Arm reps with intuitive and collaborative, AI-powered, mobile sales capabilities to improve productivity and close deals faster.

Siebel Marketing

Plan, orchestrate, and deliver actionable marketing insights tailored to the needs of B2B and B2C organizations.

Campaign management

Streamline the planning, execution, and budgeting of personalized, permission-based campaigns. Improve productivity with workflow and collaboration capabilities for campaign approval and execution. Stay in control with financial modeling to optimize the allocation of marketing budgets and a marketing command center for end-to-end campaign tracking.

Email marketing

Comprehensive, permission-based, scalable email marketing solution that’s fully integrated across all customer touchpoints. Easily manage target lists, success rates, and customer consent for your email marketing campaigns.

Events marketing

Plan and execute virtual product demonstrations, trade shows, conferences, hospitality events, seminars, and more. Efficiently manage the complete end-to-end process, including post-event results analyses, with fast follow-ups on all event-generated leads. A fully configurable events portal handles everything from online registration to payment support.

Marketing resource management

Plan, budget, execute, and measure the impact of your global marketing efforts. Automate key processes—from planning to financial analysis—to better manage marketing activities and optimize the use of marketing resources.

Web marketing

Use customer data gathered from web interactions to deliver highly personalized web offers and dynamic web surveys, in full alignment with other cross-channel marketing efforts.

Loyalty marketing

Create loyalty campaigns with a complete, broad, and highly scalable loyalty solution. Leverage a full range of analytics, marketing, and service capabilities to better understand each customer's lifetime value and design promotions that enhance customer relationships.

Enhanced engagement-based loyalty with Oracle CrowdTwist

Support engagement-based loyalty programs. Gain visibility into customer activities across digital, social, mobile, and transactional channels. Improve engagement and nurture your brand advocates with behavioral- and emotional-based loyalty programs, social engagement, referrals, website engagement, surveys, and product reviews.

Extend functionality with Oracle Marketing

Integrate Siebel CRM with Oracle Marketing and transition from "volume marketing" approaches, such as email blasts, to intelligent "responsive marketing" approaches. Respond to customers’ behaviors in real time as they engage with you across multiple channels. Automate marketing processes to improve lead generation efficiencies and reduce the cost of acquiring customers.

Siebel Service

This sophisticated, closed-loop customer service solution includes functionality that spans multichannel service, integrated knowledge management, and contextual search. Specialized features include intelligent real-time optimization and dispatch of field service resources, connected and disconnected mobile access, parts logistics, inventory management, depot repair, invoicing, and service analytics.

Contact center

Provide call center agents with the tools to support service, support, and sales interactions across all traditional customer service channels for even the most complex organizations.

Help desk

Streamline your internal customer support operations and increase productivity with a help desk solution that lets contact center agents manage customer or employee issues through one central application.

Field service

Support field service operations including call routing, asset management, onsite invoicing, and mobile connectivity. Oracle Real-Time Scheduler works with Siebel Field Service to power optimal route planning and real-time dispatch needs. Dynamically check the live schedule each time a customer call is booked for highly efficient scheduling and appointment bookings. Easily integrate Siebel Field Service with other Oracle and third-party applications for even more flexibility.

Warranty management

Streamline your warranty processes with a complete warranty management solution that includes warranty administration, claims management, warranty settlements, supplier recovery, and business intelligence. Automate manual processes and improve visibility into defects while reducing costs, wait times, and fraudulent and/or duplicate claims.

Extend functionality with Oracle Service

Bridge the chasm between service channels to deliver enhanced interactions by combining Siebel CRM with Oracle Service to take advantage of extended customer service functionality. Support multichannel incident management, complete with an integrated self-service web portal, knowledge management solution, and community forums. Support even more channels including phone/call center, web, chat, email, and more.

Siebel Commerce

Make it easy for your customers to buy your goods and services. Siebel Order Management can capture quotes and orders and tightly integrate with back-office (ERP) applications, allowing sales teams and call center agents to perform tasks across the entire, end-to-end sales process.

Customer portals

Provide customers access to their profiles, product catalogs, shopping carts, and orders to improve customer experience (CX). All portals are configured with Siebel Web Tools, ensuring a holistic approach within the same CRM deployment as employee-facing applications.

Dynamic catalog

Streamline the process of defining sales rules and dynamically publishing catalogs. By integrating product selection and configuration, you can browse, select, and configure products, ensuring that customers see relevant offers and receive appropriate up- and cross-sell suggestions.

Dynamic pricer

Administer the price lists and discount matrices used for multichannel, global distribution. This single source system ensures that the right price and discount guidance is always provided across your entire organization.

Pricing analytics

Make insight-driven pricing decisions, measure pricing effectiveness, and adjust using consistent data within the right business context. Arm your users with simple—but sophisticated—analytics tools and alerts for a single, consolidated view of profitability. It’s an end-to-end solution for analyzing, planning, publishing, executing, and negotiating price.

Quote and order lifecycle management

Simplify the complex—and often frustrating—process of tracking thousands of customer quotes and product orders across multiple catalogs and systems. Dynamically present targeted product bundles, offer intelligent cross- and up-sell suggestions, and achieve optimal product prices across all possible customer segments.

Product and catalog management

Develop, manage, and deliver dynamic product catalogs across all channels. Bundle profitable offerings, simplify the definition and classification of products, and equip your marketing team with tools for configuring pricing rules, staging content, managing approvals, and publishing catalogs.

Enhance ecommerce with Oracle Commerce

Integrate Siebel CRM with Oracle Commerce and take advantage of extended, standards-based ecommerce functionality. Simplify commerce management with robust merchandising and site experience tools. Support for rest APIs and webhooks allow integration with existing applications into the end-to-end solution.

Enhanced user experience

Create customized, intuitive user experiences for all types of users with a set of flexible solutions that directly meet your business requirements.

User experience (UX)

Unlike most CRM applications, Siebel CRM does not enforce a generic UX. With our standards-based UX framework (Open UI), you can create tailored user experiences to directly meet business needs. With a fully responsive web design, you can access Siebel CRM from any browser, on any device.

Task-based UI

In addition to customizing the UX, you have the option of using a task-based, intuitive user interface. The wizard-like interface is ideal for helping inexperienced users navigate through complex business processes, quickly and easily.


Connect remote sellers and field service professionals with accurate, up-to-date information. Deploy Siebel CRM over smartphones, tablets, and through many other integration options, such as Microsoft Outlook and voice-enabled devices.

Developer experience

Configure your Siebel CRM application from anywhere using a browser with Siebel Web Tools. Developers configure the application using Workspaces, a sandbox that enables you to independently develop and test configurations for true parallel development.


Siebel CRM applications are designed to conform to user accessibility standards set by the leading governing bodies. With many accessibility features, such as keyboard shortcuts and access keys, all users can navigate Siebel CRM elements, such as applets and records, without using a mouse.

Application framework

Utilize a sophisticated and robust application framework to configure business rules and automate processes—all from within a single application. This DevOps framework orchestrates the delivery of application updates at near zero downtime, aligning to your corporate IT policies.

Web Tools (IDE)

Siebel CRM offers almost unlimited configuration capabilities. Configure Siebel CRM applications from anywhere by using a browser and Siebel Web Tools. Developers can use Workspaces, a sandbox that lets you develop and test configurations without affecting other users.

Parallel development

Developers can use Workspaces to support parallel application development. Many developers can work on the same objects at once, with full versioning mechanism and governance to track changes. Ensure maximum productivity with a flexible, hierarchical framework for building features and releases.

Automated testing

Test automation interfaces optimize your applications testing process. Eliminate many of the well-known pain points intrinsic to generic test automation technologies. Create test suites using intuitive click-to-record features and execute test runs with the flexibility of data-driven dynamic testing. It’s a complete, lights-out, automated testing solution.

Performance metrics monitoring

Identify performance problems automatically with Siebel Application Response Management (ARM). Collect critical performance and timing data, making it possible to profile the execution of requests throughout Siebel CRM.

Usage pattern tracking

Allow administrators to review details about when and how often users are accessing all parts of a Siebel CRM application. Use the collected data with analytical tools to improve productivity, onboarding, adoption, and user experience.

Business rules and services

In addition to many options for UX customization, Siebel CRM supports customized business rules, scripting, and workflows. Define your custom business processes and orchestrate business services between your front-office CRM and back-office (ERP) applications.

Enhance business rules with Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Integrate Siebel CRM with Oracle Intelligent Advisor to easily automate business processes, rules, regulations, and policies. Deliver up-to-date, accurate advice within business processes across all applications.

Extreme scale CRM platform

Siebel CRM's metadata-driven architecture enables rapid application design and provides extreme performance, scalability, and reliability. The “secret sauce” behind this extreme-scale architecture allows customers to add a host of new applications, modules, and functionalities with no disruptions.

Cloud or on-premises

Choice of deployment modes either in your own data center or hosted in the cloud. Reduce TCO and improve agility with dynamic scaling by running Siebel CRM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. With the Oracle Cloud you can achieve lower TCO than on-premises and competing clouds, deliver superior performance backed by SLAs, and many more unique capabilities that enhance infrastructure availability, security, and control.

CI/CD and zero downtime

Take advantage of high availability support with load balancing and clustering at multiple layers of the application stack. Application updates in most scenarios can be delivered to end users in near zero downtime, without restarting the application. Restful APIs let you build automated CI/CD pipelines for application migration and deployment.


Deploy Siebel CRM as Docker containers with Kubernetes orchestration on-premises or in the cloud. This provides for the rapid provisioning of a complete Siebel CRM enterprise as well as deploying new monthly Siebel CRM release updates into existing environments.

Autonomous Database

Siebel CRM is certified to run with Oracle Autonomous Database. Leverage Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing on a dedicated infrastructure that uses automation and machine learning to eliminate mundane maintenance tasks (provisioning, backups, updates, and other tasks) and manual tuning. Reduce cost and complexity while ensuring higher reliability, security, and more operational efficiency for your mission-critical CRM database.


Flexible integration options enable the Siebel CRM application to be the front- to back-office hub of any organization, in any industry. Integrate within three robust integration layers—the UI layer, the business layer, and the database layer—for incredible scale and performance across both on-premises and cloud architectures.

Microsoft Exchange support

Synchronize data between your Siebel CRM database and your Microsoft Exchange Server. Synchronize contact, calendar, and task data to improve end user productivity.

Reporting and analytics

Configure and access analytics dashboards and transactional reports in various formats—at extreme scale and across all devices—with complete integration to Oracle Analytics Server and Publisher.

Universal Customer Master

To have a successful CRM implementation and a complete customer 360 view, each customer should only have one identity across various applications. Siebel Universal Customer Master (Siebel UCM) is configured to store a clean and unified profile for all customer data. UCM is a comprehensive master repository enabling centralized data cleansing integrity. Customer profile access control can be configured at application level. UCM has Universal Unique Identification (UUID) support and historical profile tracking with full audit trail capabilities.

Industry solutions

Siebel CRM Industry solutions focus on improving customer experiences (CX) and providing deep industry processes. Specialized user interfaces and workflows are all built on industry best practices.

    • Siebel CRM Financial Services (PDF)

      Provide a superior CX for today’s dynamic market with an integrated CRM for banking solution. Sell more effectively to new and existing customers, increase account penetration, and decrease processing costs. Package and bundle your financial services products—residential mortgages, checking, savings, and credit cards—during the account origination process and for cross- and up-sell opportunities.

    • Siebel CRM for Insurance Distribution (PDF)

      Transform insurance distribution processes from product-centric to customer-centric while maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) and profitability. Key features include call center service request management, call reports, retirement and pension management, client relationship roll up, and hierarchical views.

    • Relationship banking mobile application

      The relationship management mobile application provides a customer 360-degree view, account management capabilities across individuals and households, and a relationship management calendar view. Change the way you interact and improve CX with guided new account origination processes, including rule-based needs analysis and application capture.

    • Oracle FLEXCUBE integration

      Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking helps banks transform CX and stay relevant, competitive, and compliant in a fast evolving industry. Key capabilities include digital engagement, improved onboarding experience, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to drive insight and automation, multidimensional deployment agility, and enhanced integration capabilities.

    • Siebel CRM Communications

      Siebel CRM Communications lets service providers manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service across all contact points—including web, call center, field service, and partner channels. Handle the challenges of acquiring, retaining, and maximizing customer value. Drive operational efficiency; accelerate time to revenue through the accurate, timely capture and provisioning of customer orders; improve employee productivity; and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Media and entertainment (PDF)

      Welcome to Oracle’s new complete communications solution designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) innovate, engage, and transform their customer-facing operations. It leverages data and AI to transform CX–launching offers, acquiring and retaining customers, omnichannel ecommerce and customer care, and fulfilling and monetizing services.

    • Customer order management (PDF)

      Support closed user groups or community-of-interest services by applying promotion groups to any set of individuals, including a company, an organization, or a family.

    • Digital Experience for Communications (DX4C) (PDF)

      Welcome to Oracle’s new complete communications solution designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) innovate, engage, and transform their customer-facing operations. It leverages data and AI to transform CX–launching offers, acquiring and retaining customers, omnichannel ecommerce and customer care, and fulfilling and monetizing services.

    • Siebel CRM High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing

      Manage marketing development funds (MDFs) and sell products within partner channels (original equipment manufacturers and distributors) and to end customers. Key features within Siebel CRM High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing include an employee application and a partner portal.

    • Siebel Automotive

      Automotive manufacturers, importers, distributors, and dealers can respond to the needs of retail and fleet customers across all channels. With Siebel Automotive, they can offer customers financing, leasing, and insurance options while customers configure vehicle orders online, at the dealership, or with a fleet sales representative.

      Siebel Automotive allows all participants in the factory-to-dealer-to-consumer value chain to collaboratively share information, work together to deliver vehicles to customers, and cooperatively gain a better understanding of customers and their needs.

    • Siebel Dealer

      With Siebel Dealer, vehicle manufacturers can work with dealers as easily as they work with their own employees, while dealerships can better manage their own operations. Expand your dealer network, share opportunities, service requests, and other business information with dealer employees just as you would with your own employees.

      Manufacturers can use Siebel Partner Manager to send alerts, information on special promotions, and key messages to dealers. Work collaboratively with them to develop plans to meet strategic goals. Analyze dealer effectiveness, forecast revenue, manage market development funds (MDF), and analyze performance.

    • Siebel Energy

      Siebel Energy is designed to meet the sales, marketing, call center, and field service requirements of regulated electric, gas, and water local distribution companies (LDCs) as well as unregulated energy service providers (ESPs). This industry solution also serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers. It supports large LDCs, call center operations, and integrated legacy customer information systems (CIS). Account management features include account hierarchy and premises records with the ability to track, share, and report usage, billing, and other service details.

    • Oil, gas, and chemicals

      Comprehensive, industry-specific functionality in sales, marketing, service, and other customer-facing business processes. The results include faster deployments, higher rates of end user adoption, and a rapid return on investment (ROI). In addition to standard CRM functionality, this industry solution includes asset, premises, and contracts management; work orders; oil well management and oil field service; B2C and B2B web portals; and credit and fraud management capabilities.

    • Siebel CRM Life Sciences (PDF)

      Designed for pharmaceutical sales, Siebel CRM Life Sciences provides personalized content delivery tools to help sales and marketing teams deliver the right messages during each customer interaction.

      Flexible contact management supports a wide range of prescribes and nonprescribed contact types, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, office staff, and business administrators. With it, you can support a wide range of account types, including hospitals, pharmacies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), clinics, wholesalers, and group purchasing organizations (GPOs). Additional industry-specific functionality includes complete activity management, calendar, medical education event planning, Smart Calls, call reporting, contract and pricing management, and sales effectiveness tools and methodologies.

    • eDetailing

      Improve CX and sales effectiveness with eDetailing. Create multicustomer presentations to capture direct feedback from customer interactions. Your sales reps can perform eDetailing activities with the added flexibility to process at a later stage, add additional contacts during the process, and start the process from multiple entry points. The presentations are instantly available with call reporting and analytics functionality.

    • Siebel CRM Clinical Trial Management

      Siebel CRM Clinical Trial Management is designed so biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs (clinical research organizations) can better manage the clinical trial process, maintain the quality of clinical trials, and manage investigator relationships. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for clinical research associates (CRAs), clinical investigators, and site coordinators. It also includes a personalized internet portal to conduct study activities more efficiently.

    • Siebel CRM Public Sector (PDF)

      Provide world-class citizen services while delivering comprehensive, cost-efficient case management and policy management, including social services, justice and public safety, constituent services/311, self-service citizen portals, tax and revenue, and licensing and permitting.

      With marketing automation capabilities, government agencies can align outreach campaigns with appropriate constituent audiences and plan and execute highly personalized campaigns. Reach constituents through their preferred communication channel and measure, monitor, and refine campaign performance to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness.

    • Government immigration services (PDF)

      Leverage a central electronic repository for all visa and passport applications and case documents based on your defined security parameters. Rapidly transform your policy documents and manuals into executable formats.

    • Case management for social services (PDF)

      Combine Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Siebel CRM Case Management to manage policy changes, improve program delivery, and maximize participation rates.

    • Siebel CRM Aerospace and Defense

      Utilize this sophisticated CRM solution for the aerospace and defense industry with complete account management capabilities across the full lifecycle, including service and support management. Track opportunities and sales for OEM solutions including aftermarket sales management. Improve customer engagement with air show event management.

    • Customer centricity for railways

      Successfully attract business from other means of transport and deliver differentiated products and services. With Siebel Transportation, you can improve customer service levels and loyalty programs to acquire and retain high yield customers. Use Siebel Universal Customer Master to integrate both external and internal data sources for a 360-degree view of each customer. Seamless integration between your CRM transaction systems and Oracle Analytics give you meaningful insights into customer value and usage patterns.

    • Hospitality—Event management

      Siebel Hospitality is designed for event planners and event operations personnel in hospitality firms to improve efficiencies when performing the following business tasks:

      • Planning events consisting of multiple functions, such as lectures, workshops, demonstrations, banquets, etc.
      • Reserving the necessary space and equipment for each event function.
      • Ordering necessary supplies for each event function.
      • Providing promised goods and services during an event.
      • Billing accurately for the goods and services provided at an event.
    • Hospitality—Group sales (PDF)

      Enables you to capture and process group sale opportunities, create real-time quotes, manage consolidated inventories, and plan/execute events. Increase revenue from group sales, improve sales and event management efficiencies, and support centralized decision-making and planning.

    • Siebel CRM Consumer Goods (PDF)

      Siebel’s consumer goods solution is a multichannel application designed for the consumer goods industry so manufacturers can manage relationships across the entire demand chain. Marketing, sales, and customer service applications are fully integrated and designed to manage the complex interactions and relationships between brand owners, their partners (including brokers and distributors), their customers, and the end consumer.

    • Trade management (PDF)

      Manage the entire trade promotion process—from annual planning to account execution and settlement—with actionable insights supporting every step. This comprehensive trade management solution optimizes account and category management and enhances productivity and collaboration between internal and external functions.

    • Retail execution (PDF)

      Optimize your in-store efforts to stimulate and meet consumer demand. Whether tackling merchandising and up-selling or the more complex direct store delivery process, you can ensure that your customers will always find the right product in the right place at the right price.

Customer success

View more customer successes

For more than 25 years, companies across many industries rely on Oracle Siebel CRM to deliver unrivaled customer experiences (CX) every day.

Key benefits of Oracle Siebel CRM

  • Always on, always up to date

    Make monthly updates to add new and innovative features to your Siebel CRM deployment with near-zero downtime.

  • Cloud-ready

    You decide what’s best for you. Run Siebel CRM on-premises on in the cloud (with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

  • Flexible deployment

    Deploy Siebel CRM as containers using Kubernetes for maximum agility, scalability, and speed.

  • Browser-based application configuration

    Configure, test, migrate, and deploy Siebel CRM using a browser. Provide the ultimate flexibility to your developers to improve productivity and follow agile models.

  • Unrivaled customization capabilities

    With unlimited configuration capabilities, tailor your CRM application directly to match your core business processes and quickly enable CRM for your business units and regions.

  • Personalized user experience

    Create a user experience that’s tailored perfectly to your users and business needs. Access Siebel CRM from any browser on any device.

  • Mobile apps for anytime, anywhere access

    Put your CRM data directly in the hands of your customer-facing employees. Create smartphone apps for free and improve employee productivity.

  • Maximum potential, maximum ROI

    Expand your Siebel CRM solution by integrating with best-of-breed Oracle CX applications. Extend functionality and transform your customer experience with a low-risk approach.

  • Extreme scale, robust integration

    Flexible integration options ensure that Siebel CRM can be the front- to back-office hub for any organization, in any industry, supporting all levels of volume.

  • Industry applications

    Re-use your Siebel application configuration within Oracle’s cloud solutions for a complete, best-of-breed, digital experience cloud native platform.




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