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Oracle NoSQL Database

Oracle NoSQL database service provides on-demand throughput and storage-based provisioning that supports JSON, Table, and Key-Value datatypes, all with flexible transaction guarantees.

On-Premises Database to Oracle NoSQL Database

On-Premises Database to Oracle NoSQL Database

You can run Oracle NoSQL Database either in your data center or as a fully managed cloud service. Easily run your on-premises implementation in a cloud service that offers all the benefits of Oracle Cloud.

Fast and Consistent Performance

Fast and Consistent Performance

Oracle NoSQL Database delivers predictable, single-digit, millisecond latencies, even as applications scale up to meet workload demands. Developers can focus on delivering rich application functionality while Oracle NoSQL Database focuses on delivering predictable low latencies and automatic scaling.



Scale as needed based on your workloads. Elastically expand storage and throughput, paying only for what you need. You pay only for the resources that you consume. Optimize operational expenses.

Product Features

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Data Model Flexibility


  • Avoid a rigid schema with natively supported JSON. Store, index, and query JSON documents.
  • Fixed Schema

  • Optimize application data modeling by leveraging existing schema design.

Developer Environment

    Oracle NoSQL Cloud Simulator

  • Test applications on your local machine using the full API of Oracle NoSQL Database. Then deploy using Oracle NoSQL Database for production.
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Eclipse Plugin

  • Ease Your Oracle NoSQL Database Application Development with an Eclipse plugin that will allow you to browse and query tables created on the cloud service and quickly get started with building your Oracle NoSQL Database application.
  • Oracle NoSQL Cloud SDK

  • Download and develop your client application with a Java SDK that allows your application to connect to Oracle NoSQL Database. More language SDKs will be available soon.
  • Oracle NoSQL Cloud Adapter (coming soon)

  • Easily move your Oracle NoSQL Database applications from your datacenter to the Oracle Cloud.


    Latest Oracle NoSQL Database

  • Uses the latest Oracle NoSQL Database which contains the most recent capabilities.
  • Transactions

  • Rest assured that your data is guaranteed to be valid at all times, as all data is ACID-compliant.
  • Indexing

  • Oracle NoSQL Database offers the flexibility of rich query over schemaless data alongside more structured queries. You can query your JSON datatypes with familiar SQL queries, as indexes can be created on JSON columns.

Zero Administration

  • Oracle NoSQL Database is a serverless data store that provides all back-end administration. It furnishes your application with auto-scaling, low-request latency, and high availability, so that developers can focus on delivering business value. Developers just connect their applications to Oracle NoSQL Database and start writing and reading data.

Enterprise Grade Security

  • SSL over the network
  • Encryption at rest
  • Auth authentication
  • Role based access control

Flexible Data Models

  • Utilize key-value, fixed schema, or ad-hoc JSON from Oracle NoSQL Database. Applications can utilize simple-request APIs or rich declarative SQL over ad-hoc JSON as well as fixed schema data.