Sales Track

Sales Track

The Conference Where Sales Legends Are Made

Learn about innovations that can help you close deals faster.

Sales professionals attend Modern Customer Experience to find out how to go beyond salesforce automation and win more business. Join your Sales peers for three days of deep-dive workshops, demos, inspiring thought leadership, and limitless networking.

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Sales Solution Areas

Discover sessions that help you go beyond sales force automation.

Start with the Right Foundation

Annual sales planning is the most fundamental process in any business. Find out what Oracle CX offers to help you plan revenue, FP&A, territories and quotas, and incentive compensation.

Enable the Sales Force

Equip your sales force to win! Learn about capabilities for sharing content, onboarding and training, and sales enablement.

Execute Your Sales Plan

This is where the rubber meets the road. Oracle CX provides complete, core sales force automation—and much more. Learn about lead management, productivity tools, CPQ and contracts, and partner management.

Monitor Results and Adjust

Keep your eye on the pipeline. Generate accurate forecasts and reports, and get ahead of potential problems with predictive analytics using Oracle, the leader in data and intelligence.

Optimize Continually

Every business wants to continually improve and optimize sales processes. Learn about SPM modeling, advanced analytics, and business graph available in Oracle CX.

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