Service Track

Service Track

Where Customer Service Leaders Become Legends

Smash the Ceiling of Customer Expectations

In a sea of sameness, customer experience is the differentiator. And as we march forward in the Experience Economy, customer service is the first string.

Modern Customer Experience is the place where service legends are made. Leap ahead with pre-conference trainings on leading-edge technology powering IoT, augmented reality, and virtual assistants. Get one-on-one time and hands-on training with an Oracle Service Cloud expert. Dive into three days of interactive sessions and workshops to build your mastery of customer engagement, field service, automation, agent experience, intelligent advice, knowledge management, and more. And find your tribe of CX leaders across marketing, service, sales, and commerce.

Featured Speakers

Ian Jacobs

Ian Jacobs

Principal Analyst, Application Development and Delivery, Forrester

Ian Jacobs serves Application Development & Delivery Professionals. With a focus on the digital transformation of customer service, he is an expert in contact centers. His research keeps a sharp focus on customer experience and agent experience issues. Ian is an award-winning columnist, is regularly quoted in major global publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Michele Rowan

Michele Rowan

President, Customer Contact Strategies

Michele Rowan is a leading authority in work at home programs. Michele has worked with 1500+ companies through conference facilitations, workshops and customized consulting, dedicated exclusively to work at home for contact centers, support functions and enterprise remote working. Her professional experience includes 12 years with Hilton Worldwide Reservations, as VP of Global Performance Management. At Hilton, Michele designed and led the strategic expansion of the company's work at home program both in the US and Europe, transitioning 1000+ positions from office-based to home-based in six months.

Laurie Simpter

Laurie Simpter

Senior Manager of Customer Relations, Pier 1 Imports

Laurie Simpter is an experienced professional who has always had a passion for the Retail industry. With over 35 years of retail experience and 16+ years with Pier 1 imports, she has worn many hats throughout her career and has utilized her broad experience to create a strategic vision for her team and drive for results. Her belief that customers are the centricity of all successful organizations has inspired her to lead with her heart and empower her employees to share their passion for the company and products with customers, while leveraging technology and improved processes to deliver strong financial results. As the Senior Manager of Customer Relations, Laurie has successfully lead the effort to upgrade legacy technology, transition the Contact Center to over 70% work-from-home, improve service levels, drastically shrink turnover, and reduce payroll expenses by over 25%. In her free time, Laurie enjoys spending time with her family, attending Dallas Stars hockey games, and riding her horses.

Dive into Product Training Workshops

Travel into Las Vegas early to take advantage of free Oracle Service Cloud pre-conference training on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to build your skills and advance your career. Session topics include IoT, augmented reality, virtual assistants, browser UI, and knowledge management benchmarking.

Ask the Service Cloud Experts

Schedule a meeting with a Service Cloud product expert for one-on-one advice, offered every day of the conference. Appointments are made onsite Tuesday, March 19 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Exhibit Experience so arrive early and secure the time that works best for you.

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Utilize Collective Learning

Optimize your ability to absorb knowledge with the Collective Learning Program. These interactive sessions use methods rooted in science, and are proven to help you retain content while having fun.

Service Solution Areas

Attend sessions that will help you prepare for the future of customer service.

Invest in the Agent Experience

Learn how to get more out of Oracle's cross-channel contact center solution. With Oracle, your contact center is intuitive, productive, integrated, contextual, and scalable. You can enable your agents to focus on the customer, instead of systems.

Help Customers Engage on Their Terms

Meet skyrocketing customer expectations. Offer your customers a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint, on the channel of their choice. Leverage modern tools, such a real-time or video chat, enable agents to view customer screens for faster service, and streamline mobile customer service.

Manage and Grow Knowledge

Find out how to give the exact right answer, every timeā€“no matter how complex your product or service. Oracle CX helps you deliver highly personalized answers to both customers and agents laying the foundation for great customer service.

Automate Policies and Give Advice

Offer automated, intelligent advice for every customer experience. Learn how to deliver personalized advice for each individual customer, provide the agility to adapt to changing business requirements, and ensure consistency and transparency.

Best-in-Class Field Service

Customers today demand a great field service experience. Whether it is B2C or B2B, Oracle Field Service Cloud provides a complete solution that empowers the field to arrive on time, with the right information to ensure the job gets done right the first time. Oracle Field Service Cloud is a fully configurable solution designed to meet the unique needs of any business and can scale to companies of any size.

Customer Experience Executive Summit (by invitation only)

The Oracle Executive Summit is a special event within Modern Customer Experience that brings together industry experts, senior business leaders, and Oracle executives in an exclusive environment to network and share the latest CX best practices and technology advancements. Contact your Oracle sales representative if you are vice president level or higher and are interested in participating.

If you have been invited to attend the Customer Experience Executive Summit, please respond to the invitation to register, or contact the registration team with questions via email or by calling 1.866.254.8740 (US and Canada) or +1.650.416.8794 (International).

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