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Advanced Research Solutions in the Cloud

Oracle’s comprehensive solutions for research help to address the ever-increasing need to collect, manage, analyze, and collaborate on data. These advanced solutions enable new levels of performance, innovation, and scalability.


From VMs to GPUs to bare metal servers, including options for dense I/O workloads, high-performance computing (HPC), and AMD EPYC processors.

  • High availability across multiple regions, availability domains, and fault domain configurations
  • High performance with high-core, specialty-compute instances and 100 Gbps of networking for remote direct memory access
  • High scalability with autoscaling, to adjust resources up and down automatically in response to changing demands

Core-to-edge security to ensure the level of compliance, data protection, and control for your valuable research data.

  • Default encryption
  • Microsegmentation
  • Continuous configuration and access monitoring
Big Data in Research

Easily capture, organize, and analyze very large, complex research data sets.

  • Data that is currently collected but may be difficult or burdensome to analyze
  • Data that is currently available but cannot be used because it is unstructured or cannot be extracted
  • Data collected from sensors in massive amounts and data that isn’t yet even imagined

Diligently manage all research projects from the initial idea through funding, formation, execution, publication, and beyond.

  • Manage grants and finances
  • Recruit, train, nurture, and retain the best team
  • Model and deploy policies and help with compliance and support

Combating Epidemics with Synthetic Biology and Cloud Computing

As tropical diseases spread from their historical home territories into new regions, including Europe and the United States, UK researchers equipped with high-performance cloud computing have designed a novel way to vaccinate against one of those most resistant to treatment.

Research Blogs

Cloud-Powered Science

Increasingly, researchers are moving their specialized workloads to the high-performance cloud.

Data Transfer to Oracle Via Research Networks Optimised by CERN Openlab

The CERN openlab team has worked together with Oracle and GÉANT in order to implement a network solution to transfer large data volumes from Geneva, Switzerland into Oracle Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany via dedicated private connectivity.

Still Building Your IT Research Platform?

Cloud computing promised information as a utility. Data with the ease of a light switch. The electricity’s path, the circuit breakers, and bulb are immaterial. You need light. You pay for what you use. IT is another utility that just needs to work. Your research sits on top of the platform. Creating the platform is a waste of precious resources.

Research, Oracle Cloud, and AI Converge to Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetic Amputations

Imagine what would change if AI could offer early detection of ulcers, and proactively refer patients for care. For example, what if AI could assist a patient, their caregiver, or a relatively low-skilled clinician to identify early and monitor the progression of a foot or leg ulcer?

Cloud-Academic Brokerage Services

Public sector organizations traditionally purchase goods and services via catalogs made available by government agencies, ensuring that public procurement rules and regulations are followed. With the advent of the internet, digital markets, and the plethora of pubic cloud services, the centralized mechanism of producing catalogs and making them available and up-to-date has proven to be difficult.

Connecting the Cloud: The Rise of Academic Cloud Exchanges

In the last four decades, the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) have gone from being specialized internet service providers (ISPs) serving the public research and education communities within a country to a regional conglomerate of e-infrastructure providers not only offering connectivity services but also covering national identity federations.

Federating the Cloud: National Identity Federations

In many regions across the globe, the NREN (or a dedicated organization) also runs the national identity and access federation of the country. An identity federation is a collection of organizations that agrees to interoperate under certain rules.

Cloud: Essential for the Expanding Research Universe

Humankind has always sought answers. Today, research is as crucial as ever. Research advances medicine, agriculture, communications, manufacturing, and more, transforming the world economically, environmentally, and socially.

40 Years of Technology and Research Evolution

When I started in the clinical and research worlds in the 1970s, computers were just beginning to be available to average medical centers and researchers outside of the most elite universities. I remember our exuberance when we got our first DEC PDP-8 minicomputer. It was the size of a refrigerator and had a whopping 64K of addressable memory and a large floppy disc drive for storage and program loading.

Advancing NeuroDiagnostics with Artificial Intelligence

Helping identify children with cognitive disorders early in life makes treatment of those conditions far more effective than with older people. However, conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be hard to diagnose and difficult to differentiate from other disorders.