Oracle Accounting Hub

Gain control over your financials by unifying financial data from multiple accounting systems and simplifying processes. Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub is a cloud application that unifies data from different financial systems, giving your finance teams a complete view of financial data to increase forecasting accuracy, shorten reporting cycles, and simplify decision-making.

Learn how to unify accounting data for timely, complete, and accurate insights.

Accounting Hub features

Unify your accounting data

Create one enterprise-wide accounting platform

Create consistent, standardized accounting for disparate ERP systems using an enterprise-wide chart of accounts.

Keep existing investments in place

Standardize your accounting into a central system without having to rip and replace existing third-party systems and disrupt current business processes.

Make financial decisions with confidence

Establish a trusted source for your financial information

Create a single source of financial truth that your corporate accounting and FP&A teams can rely on.

Uncover insights with analysis and reporting

Provide deep insight into operational results by analyzing financial information from many sources, including ledgers, subledgers, and supporting references.

Leverage a powerful accounting engine

Handle high transaction volumes with a powerful and centralized accounting engine that delivers unmatched processing speed.

Simplify compliance and auditability

Simplify governance

Comply with GAAP and industry accounting requirements by using flexible configurations and a single source of accounting truth for all external systems.

Adapt to evolving accounting standards

Quickly adapt to new and evolving accounting standards with a centrally managed set of accounting rules.

Create auditable accounting entries

Create complete and accurate journal entries by simplifying and automating otherwise lengthy and manual reconciliation.

Accounting Hub benefits

Make smart financial decisions with a comprehensive business view

Get an accurate, near-real-time view across your business without having to spend hours collecting data from disparate accounting systems.

Simplify governance and compliance

Meet compliance requirements more easily by having a financial system that helps you to adhere to controls and mandates as transactions happen.

Move forward with cloud ERP without disrupting your business

Easily connect existing financial systems so you can begin transitioning to the cloud without disrupting existing financial platforms.

Accounting Hub customer successes

Customers in a wide variety of industries and regions use Oracle Accounting Hub to achieve their goals.

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