Microsoft and Oracle Communications: Strategic Partnership

Oracle and Microsoft, two of the industry’s largest cloud and SaaS providers, are collaborating to simplify the adoption of cloud technologies and SaaS-based applications for customers. The partnership aims to reduce complexity across an organization’s digital building blocks—whether infrastructure, networks, communication, collaboration, or business resources and processes, in order to drive growth and innovation.

Microsoft and Oracle’s partnership is founded upon addressing the needs of the new multicloud, multiSaaS paradigm. The goal is to provide secure, integrated communication services to deliver the most protected and highest quality voice experience.

Session Border Controllers

Oracle Session Border Controllers (SBCs) protect real-time communications networks from cyberthreats and fraud; mitigate the effects of network impairments and outages; and cure interoperability problems to enable highly secure and reliable voice, video, and unified communications services. For carriers, Oracle SBCs offer all the features required to provide a seamless, secure, trusted real-time multitenant communications integration.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Operator Connect

Direct Routing allows enterprises to choose their telecom provider for enabling users to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams. The two options available for Direct Routing are enterprise and carrier models.

Operator Connect is a simple operator managed service for adding PSTN calling capabilities to Microsoft Teams. By creating a new marketplace with most major carriers, Microsoft can now enable operators to provide a managed service for their enterprise customers. As part of the implementation, Microsoft Operator Connect requires operators to have session border controllers certified for Direct Routing.

The Microsoft-certified Oracle SBC helps reduce hardware and management costs and provides high-quality PSTN voice capabilities. Oracle SBCs are also certified by Microsoft to provide real-time emergency calling support for Microsoft Teams Dynamic Emergency Calling for Direct Routing.

Other Oracle Advantages:

  • Oracle SBC and related products also include enhanced dial-plan management and call routing, call monitoring with fraud and predictive analytics, and API-driven flexible call recording for compliance.
  • Best of breed SBC features and functionality with leading security and high availability.
  • Enhances your agility by enabling any communications application or service including authentication, call recording, collaboration, compliance, security, transcription, and video conferencing.
  • Oracle is the preferred choice for communications service providers (CSPs) hosting large, multitenant, secure solutions.

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