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Oracle Data Infrastructure Forum

Today’s most innovative businesses are using data to analyze consumer behavior, manage risk, and get ahead of trends. Help your business excel in this environment by improving your data infrastructure and creating a strong foundation for innovation.

At Oracle Data Infrastructure Forum, you will hear from customers in different industries and learn how Oracle solutions are helping them innovate. Oracle product development leaders will share insights on the future of data management and how to increase data performance through automation, database consolidation, enhanced data protection, and a platform for the next wave of unique applications.

Why to join

  • Executive insight from Oracle product development leaders
  • Best practices from IT leaders in different industries
  • Focus on specific topics in 3 interactive tracks on database consolidation, innovative platform building and data protection
  • Live Q&A with the best Oracle experts in EMEA


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  • Johannes Dobretsberger

    Director Technology & Systems Marketing, Oracle EMEA

Foundation for the Digital Transformation

The Rise Of The Silent Superheroes

  • Ali Mahlodji

    Chief Visionary & Superhero, Founder futureOne and WHATCHADO

Track 1: Oracle Executive Insight

Hear from Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager, how the Exadata platform is instrumental to get the max out of your Oracle DB, letting you save money and achieve better performance by consolidating on a converged system.

Track 2: Oracle Executive Insight

Innovation is at the root of why companies are modernizing their IT systems.Oracle’s unique approach to cloud is designed to not only spur innovation but also speed up IT transformation without being disruptive. Come and hear Wim Coekaerts share Oracle’s cloud vision, its uniqueness and why its best suited for enterprise customers like you.

  • Wim Coekaerts

    Senior Vice President, Software Development, Oracle

Track 3: Oracle Executive Insight

Today the protection of your business’s data has become more important than ever. The financial and commercial impacts of a data breach can be severe. New requirements and new challenges will force you to re-think the way you are guarding your critical applications and databases. In this session, you will learn about the new challenges in data protection and review Oracle solutions to address them.

  • Ashish Ray

    Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Track 1: Telefónica Spain's journey to the Cloud

Telefónica Spain's journey to the Cloud. Keys to the transformation, main projects and why Oracle is a relevant player.

Track 2: Real life best practice

Track 3: Reinventing data protection

Your business-critical applications run on Oracle databases, and they deserve an optimized data protection solution. Your company can reduce operational and financial risks and improve your ability to meet compliance requirements by implementing Data Protection-as-a-Service across your enterprise. Protect your assets and data against any new or existing risks. Learn how you can enhance your data protection infrastructure in this session.

  • Mertol Özyöney

    Cloud Systems Data Protection Technologies Director, Oracle EMEA

Comfort break

Track 1: Autonomous benefits for database consolidation

Autonomous has been in the heart of Oracle messaging to our customer. Autonomous product manager, Robert Greene reflects on the last 12 months feature enrichment, existing customer use cases and sets the seen for things to come.

  • Mohammad Zadeh Morshed Beik

    EMEA Cloud Systems Database Platforms Technologies Director, Oracle

  • Robert Greene

    Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

Track 2: The infrastructure for Riyadh Municipality's Electronic services

Riyadh is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula with over 7m inhabitants expecting high quality electronic services 24/7 from the city government. That requires solid IT foundation. In that session you will learn how Riyadh Municipality builds its data and application infrastructure platform to support innovations and new citizen services.

Track 3: Recovering from a cyber attack

Internet attacks can generate complete or partial downtime—up to 16.2 days for the more sophisticated ones. Be prepared to retrieve your business’s data or transactions, especially for critical applications, in the case of malicious insider, malware, or viruses. Learn about the Oracle technologies and best practices to mitigate these risks, reduce the time to recover from attacks, and ensure that your data are retrieved at any point in time with no loss.

  • Remy Salvi

    Data Protection Business Development Director, Oracle EMEA

  • Kelly Smith

    Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Track 1: Cecabank: "Critical Databases, secure in Exadata Cloud@Customer"

Data security & Consolidation are essential for Cecabank, as well as the performance and efficiency of the systems that support the core business databases. Exadata Cloud at Customer offers these capabilities, while allowing you to be in the cloud within your own Data Center, in addition to having Oracle's support and guarantee.

Audits are increasingly demanding, and a fundamental requirement is the encryption of sensitive data. In the Oracle Cloud model, this feature is implicit for all the databases it contains.

Track 2: Data management for your next generation applications

Simplify application development by making it easier to give critical and cutting-edge applications access to all necessary data. With a converged database, businesses can eliminate unnecessary complexity by streamlining their infrastructure, while also providing developers with a platform for creating the next great feature or application. Learn more in this session.

Track 3: Farewell to backup tax

Protecting data can be resource expensive and requires complex multiproduct solutions. Backup and recovery SLAs are also sometimes difficult to meet.

Learn how you can change this paradigm with the Oracle ZDLRA solution.Meet one of our customers who achieved better backup=and=restore performance, reduced management complexity, and improved SLAs on data protection.

  • Melanie Benham

    Cloud Systems Solution Engineering Director, Oracle

  • Collin Emery

    Cloud Systems Principal Solution Engineer, Oracle

  • Konstantinos Ntontis

    Senior Database Administrator, IT Infrastructure & Project Management OTE Group

Track 1: Database consolidation with Persistence Memory

Learn how Exadata uniquely leverages the Intel PMEM and the RoCE 100Gbs infrastructure to accelerate both OLTP and OLAP workloads. The unique Exadata platform and the power of Oracle Converged DB will empower the most efficient DB consolidation for the best consolidation ratios and the best performances.

  • Gavin Parish

    Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

  • Subban Raghunathan

    Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Track 2: Cloud Native Development in a Hybrid world

With so many tools to choose from, the CNCF Interactive Landscape can seem as a bit scary. Guidance is definitively needed. Nevertheless, some companies have already started their application modernization , and they are not even considered early adopters anymore. But many businesses are still wondering how to design applications to be hybrid or multicloud and how to avoid vendor lock in. Learn how in this session.

  • Greg Verstraeten

    Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

  • Ewan Slater

    EMEA OCI Centre of Excellence, Oracle

  • Sebastien Grotto

    EMEA Infrastructure Technologies Director, Oracle

Track 3:To restore or not to restore

The best restore is the restore you don’t have to perform. In this session, learn how to prevent a majority of restores while simultaneously helping your organization to create copies of data that your teams can freely work on.

Hear from one of our customers, and learn how Oracle helped them improve their workflows and achieve their goals for data restore.

  • Cindy Swearingen

    Principal Product Manager, Oracle

  • Marco Valeri

    Cloud Systems Senior Solution Engineer, Oracle

  • Mehmet Sülün

    Database Unit Manager, EXIST

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Live Q&A

Live Q&A

Live Q&A

Featured Speakers

Wim Coekaerts
Wim CoekaertsSenior Vice President, Software Development, Oracle

Wim Coekaerts is senior vice president of software development at Oracle. He is responsible for managing a number of projects including Oracle Linux and Virtualization, Oracle Enterprise Manager, MySQL, HeatWave, Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit), Oracle Visual Builder, and various developer, infrastructure, and management cloud services. Wim is a well-known developer in the open source community and serves as vice chairman of the Linux Foundation.

Ali Mahlodji
Ali Mahlodji Chief Visionary & Superhero, Founder futureOne and WHATCHADO

Ali Mahlodji is a refugee, a school dropout, someone who had more than 40 different jobs in life – from cleaning to managing or teaching, he now is founder of futureOne and Co-Founder of WHATCHADO, EU Youth Ambassador as well as EU Ambassador for the New Narrative since 2015 … and yes, he tries to save the world (no jokes)!

Fidel Fernandez Gomez
Fidel Fernandez GomezIT Technology and Transformation Director, Telefonica, Spain

Telecommunications Engineer from the Public University of Navarra. Management Development Program (PDD) by IESE. Professional career always focused on the design and implementation of new technologies including Mobility, VoIP, Cloud, Edge. Director Enterprise Services Development at Telefónica Spain from 2010 to 2018, with special focus on the development and deployment of new digital services. Since 2018 Director of Technology and IT Transformation, leading the IT transformation of Telefónica Spain towards the Cloud.

Reinier van Grieken
Reinier van GriekenVP Cloud Systems EMEA, Oracle

Reinier van Grieken is the vice president for Cloud Systems in EMEA and is responsible for the hardware (systems, storage, and appliance) and engineered systems business. In this role he works with sales teams and business leaders to develop a culture committed to transforming organisations by simplifying IT.

Van Grieken has had a career of over 23 years with Oracle where he has held many different roles. Within the Systems organization he was vice president Server, Storage and ODA EMEA and prior to that UKI, BeNeLux and Iberia Systems Lead. Before that, he was managing director of Oracle Netherlands.

Van Grieken attended the London Business School.

Ashish Ray
Ashish RayVice President of Product Management, Oracle

Ashish Ray is the Vice-President of Product Management responsible for all product management aspects related to Oracle Autonomous Database - Dedicated (ATP), Oracle Exadata, Exadata Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud@Customer, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA), Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS), Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Database Backup & Archive Cloud Service, Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) and Oracle Database's core OLTP features such as Database High Availability (HA) and Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).

Mehmet Sülün
Mehmet Sülün Database Unit Manager, EXIST

Mehmet SülünI is leading Database Unit in the Energy Exchange Istanbul, an energy exchange company legally incorporated under the Turkish Electricity Market Law and responsible for managing and operating energy markets, including power and gas commodities.

Mehmet SülünI started his professional career in the IT world in 2008. He worked on IT infrastructure and database management throughout his business life. For 3 years he is managing the database team as well as the technical operation. Mehmet is 38 years old, married and father of 3 children. He is interested in all infrastructure technologies and enjoy working on them.

Maria Colgan
Maria Colgan Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

Maria Colgan is a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version 7.3 was released in 1996. Maria’s core responsibility is to advocate for the Oracle Database and the best practices for incorporating it into your environments. She is also responsible for getting the feedback from our customers and partners incorporated into future releases of the product.

Prior to this role; she was the product manager for Oracle Database In-Memory and the Oracle Database query optimizer.

Subban Raghunathan
Subban RaghunathanVice President of Product Management, Oracle

Subban Raghunathan is VP of Product Management for Oracle’s Exadata core technologies focusing on on-premises deployments. He regularly meets with Oracle’s customers worldwide, bringing to bear a rare combination of technology and business expertise. He specializes in helping enterprises design technology solutions that are aligned with their business goals, whether that involves On-Premises, Cloud at Customer, or Exadata Cloud Services deployments. Mr. Raghunathan has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a masters in Mathematics and has expertise in computer architecture, data communications, and telecommunications. He joined Sun Microsystems as an engineer in 2006 and moved to product management in 2012.

 Mohamed Gamal Khalifa
Mohamed Gamal Khalifa Head of Databases & Middleware Administration Department , Riyadh Municipality

Mohamed Gamal Khalifa (called Gamal) is a highly technically proficient Senior Oracle Database Administrator with 23 years of experience working in diverse sectors, specialising in Database Administration, Data Warehousing, ETL, Data Migration, Data Analytics and Database/Middleware Consultancy. Gamal has a strong background in agile and test driven development. He worked as a project leader for the numerous database and data management projects.

Konstantinos Ntontis
Konstantinos NtontisSenior Database Administrator, IT Infrastructure & Project Management OTE Group, Cosmote

Konstantinos Ntontis is an experienced Senior Database Administrator with a history of working in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. Skilled in Oracle Database, ETL, data processing and Oracle Engineered Systems including Exadata and Recovery Appliance. Lead architect for consolidation and migration core databases to Exadata, both on premises and in cloud environments.

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