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Beyond EDC—Don't Just Capture Data, Collect It

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Data Collection goes beyond EDC, allowing you to collect data sets from any source and harmonize them in a single place to draw valuable clinical insight.

Oracle Health Sciences Connect 2021

Oracle Life Sciences


Clinical Research

Clinical research is evolving at a rapid pace. As innovative approaches and a focus on patient experience continue to grow, decentralized models and virtual components are becoming more common. What if you could manage clinical trials today, while being positioned for the trials of tomorrow?

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Safety teams are under enormous pressure to control ever-increasing caseloads, new sources of signal detection data, and changing regulations—all with flat budgets and resources. What if you could alleviate this pressure, while improving efficiency and strengthening compliance?

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Has EDC Kept Up With Changes In Clinical Trials?

In just a few decades, clinical trials have changed dramatically. Twenty years ago, most of the data used in clinical research was entered on paper, but today it can come from sources as varied as sensors, smartphones, and electronic health records (EHRs). The COVID-19 pandemic has brought even more changes as pharmaceutical companies rush to adapt remote methods for collecting data and conducting visits so that patients can be kept safe. There is emerging technology which can overcome EDC limitations in today’s complex clinical trial environment.

Solutions Supporting the Entire Clinical Development Lifecycle

Oracle Health Sciences helps you get therapies to market faster and detect risks earlier. Oracle offers a complete set of clinical and safety solutions that support critical processes throughout the clinical development lifecycle—from study design and startup to conduct, close-out, and post-marketing.

Business Challenge

Is your organization ready to embrace advancements in technology that enable virtual visits and remote patient monitoring, and provide new options for data collection?


With Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service (Clinical One Data Collection), you are able to collect data sets from any source and harmonize them in a single place to draw valuable clinical insight.

Business Challenge

How can you gain operational insights in starting clinical trials?


Oracle Health Sciences solutions enable faster study startup with workflows that drive study teams to complete and track specific documents and tasks required for regulatory and SOP compliance. In-depth analytics drive operational efficiencies, deliver oversight, and aid risk mitigation efforts.

Business Challenge

What if there was an effective way to acquire and aggregate clinical trial esource data for review and analysis?


Oracle Health Sciences mHealth Connector Cloud Service enables real-time data acquisition from digital tools such as telehealth, remote patient monitoring devices, wearable technology, secure messaging, and mobile apps, delivering data directly to multiple targets all within one reusable, scalable platform.

Business Challenge

How can you manage the enormous growth in safety data?


Powered by AI, Oracle Safety One provides compliant multivigilance from studies through post-marketing surveillance, allowing you to manage safety data faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

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Life Sciences Customer Successes

Oyster Point Pharma logo

Oyster Point Uses Clinical One to Save Trial Time, Cost, and Resources


Oyster Point Pharma

The trials were successful…we will be using the platform again. Since we had such success the first time, why change it?
Kristen Striffler, Associate Director, Clinical Development, Oyster Point Pharma
Health Decisions logo

“One Stop Shop” Clinical One Reduces Timelines for Health Decisions


Health Decisions

It's just one platform, where everything works together...which is a time saver for us, it’s cost saving for us, and we pass that savings onto our sponsors.
Michele Taylor-Scott, Head of Data Management, Health Decisions
Rho logo

Oracle Siebel CTMS Helps Rho to Mine Data, Remove Excel Trackers, and More



Our top benefit with Oracle CTMS is related to trip reports. What we have seen since we have rolled it out is that our CRAs have a much more efficient turnaround time in being able to write their trip reports. So that’s a huge efficiency that we can see.
Nick Poulson, Sr. Project Manager, Rho
Pfizer logo

Pfizer Deems Oracle Health Sciences’ Connected Environment as a Significant Differentiator in Clinical Data Management



Another big point is the ability to incorporate the third party data through the same interface. One of the top features of DMW is you now have an interface that marries up with what you’re collecting in the EDC.
Demetris Zambas, Global Head of Data Monitoring and Management, Pfizer

Oracle Health Sciences Customer Perspective on Clinical One

Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One unifies people, processes, and data to simplify and accelerate the clinical trials of today and in the future.

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