Oracle Utilities Billing Cloud Service

Quickly and affordably address special utility billing needs with minimal business or IT disruption. Get end-to-end rate management, usage and charge calculations, and bill preparation in an easy-to-manage and secure solution on Oracle Cloud.

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Deploy new rates quickly and make complex billing easy with an agile, standalone solution that delivers configurable usage and rate calculation rules, simple rate testing, batch billing processes, and billing-related aggregations.

A dynamic rate engine

Support a wide range of simple to complex scenarios, including volume-based rates, time-of-use (TOU) pricing, dynamic real-time pricing, net metering, unbundling of charges, proration, rate comparison, and pass-through rates.

With proven accuracy

Have confidence in your rate calculations with precise multiple-decimal values, effective-dating, and usage and charges proration. Deliver customer-specific contract override pricing to address all complex rating needs.

And easy rates maintenance

Streamline rate changes from months to minutes with point-and-click configuration and built-in rates testing. Prebuilt calculation rules for simple-to-complex rates and copy-merge features make it easy to create new rates without coding.

Fast, flexible billing

Deploy, configure, and start billing quickly with a library of preconfigured rate and billing functions for common and emerging billing scenarios.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) billing

Improve service to your biggest revenue makers with rate calculations and billing processes tailored to their business needs.

New billing programs

Offer your customers more options and align revenue to your business strategy with new billing programs based on dynamic rates, distributed generation, renewables, net metering, electric vehicles, and more.

Capture all the master data required to support billing

A one-stop-shop–solution that includes a 360-degree view of the customer, including start/stop, account management, premises management, customer contact, registration point, service agreements, and more.

Quickly and easily integrate with financial systems

Keep your financials automatically in sync using modern, API-based integration with ERP and other systems of record. Capture general ledger-related details such as bills, adjustments, and impacts of payments.

Powerful and scalable measurement data management

Efficiently manage and process all meter-related data, including validation, estimation, and edit (VEE) processing, usage management, bill determinant calculation and export, and billing-related data aggregation.

A cloud-first philosophy has transformed Grant County PUD

Derin Bluhm provides an insider view into the cloud strategy of a rural US utility.

Billing Cloud Service value propositions

01Powerful billing capabilities in a convenient package

A rating and billing engine—built for and trusted by utilities worldwide—that’s easy to stand up, integrate, and operate.

02Accelerate time to market

Take the complexity out of billing with prebuilt rates, math functions, C&I contract support, and eligibility and validation rules.

03Flexibility for today and tomorrow

Easily roll-out new tariffs, products, and programs, supported by modern APIs for ease of integration to existing and future solutions.

04The value of Oracle SaaS solutions

Gain the value of secure, stable, and scalable cloud services and never worry about upgrading again.

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