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Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality provides a comprehensive data quality management environment, used to understand, improve, protect and govern data quality. The software facilitates best practice Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Integration, Business Intelligence and data migration initiatives, as well as providing integrated data quality in CRM and other applications and cloud services.

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Generic

EDQ is now available on the OCI Marketplace. From here, you can easily provision a fully functional EDQ instance (on either Tomcat or WebLogic Server) running on OCI. Note that you will need appropriate EDQ licenses, and an Oracle Database Cloud Service in the same tenancy to act as the EDQ repository. See the EDQ Marketplace listings here:

EDQ on Tomcat

EDQ on WebLogic

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Address Verification Server 18.4.1

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Address Verification Server adds integrated global address verification and geocoding capabilities onto an Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Server. The 'Installation Guide' document describes how to install the Address Verification Server component. Once installed, the Address Verification processor is enabled in Oracle Enterprise Data Quality. For detailed technical information about the API, see The EDQ AV connector to Loqate uses the Verify and Search methods of the Local API.

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality