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HeatWave is a massively parallel, high performance, in-memory query accelerator for Oracle MySQL Database Service that accelerates MySQL performance by orders of magnitude for analytics and mixed workloads. HeatWave is 6.5X faster than Amazon Redshift at half the cost, 7X faster than Snowflake at one-fifth the cost, and 1400X faster than Amazon Aurora at half the cost. MySQL Database Service with HeatWave is the only service that enables customers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database. This eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming, and expensive data movement and integration with a separate analytics database. The new MySQL Autopilot uses advanced machine-learning techniques to automate HeatWave, which make it easier to use and further improves performance and scalability. HeatWave is optimized for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

heatwave in the MySQL market Oracle unleashes a heatwave in the MySQL market

Leading analyst Patrick Moorhead measures how HeatWave compares to other MySQL offerings.

turbo boost HeatWave gives MySQL a Turbo Boost

Discover what makes HeatWave unique and how customers benefit in this theCUBE interview.

sql market Oracle cranks up the heat in the MySQL market

dbInsight reviews how Oracle MySQL Database Service, with HeatWave, redefines MySQL.

heatwave enables insight to action HeatWave enables the holy grail of insight to action

Constellation Research examines Oracle MySQL Database Service with HeatWave and concludes that it offers the best of both worlds in a breathtaking, elegant architecture.

Oracle Live: MySQL Database Service New HeatWave Innovations

Increased automation, higher performance, and lower costs with MySQL HeatWave

August 10, 2021

Watch Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle, share the latest innovations, along with the latest benchmarks, that show the speed and cost savings gained with HeatWave.

HeatWave demo: MySQL Autopilot

August 10, 2021

Nipun Agarwal, Vice President, HeatWave and Advanced Development, Oracle, demonstrates how the new MySQL Autopilot increases the performance of HeatWave while saving significant time for developers and DBAs. testimonial

August 10, 2021

Pablo Lemos, Co-Founder and CTO of, describes how MySQL HeatWave dramatically reduced their Amazon Aurora and Redshift costs by over 50% while delivering real-time insights and enabling their expansion.

HeatWave performance and price comparison

30TB TPCH, HeatWave is faster and cheaper than all the competitive database services.

See documented performance comparisons that show how HeatWave is 6.5X faster than Amazon Redshift at half the cost, 1400X faster than Amazon Aurora at half the cost, and 5400X faster than Amazon RDS for MySQL at two-thirds the cost.

See the performance and learn more about the benchmark setup configuration

Built-in real-time query accelerator for MySQL Database Service

Integrated, high performance, in-memory query accelerator

Highly performant query accelerator for SQL queries

HeatWave is an in-memory query accelerator developed for Oracle MySQL Database Service. It’s a massively parallel, hybrid columnar, query-processing engine with state of art algorithms for distributed query processing which provide very high performance for queries.

Architected for massive scale and performance

HeatWave has a highly partitioned architecture which enables massive inter-and intra-node parallelism. It has an intelligent query scheduler which overlaps computation with network communication tasks to achieve very high scalability across thousands of cores for real-world applications.

Optimized for OCI

Query processing in HeatWave has been optimized for OCI. The sizes of the partitions have been optimized to fit the cache of the underlying shapes. The overlap of computation with communication is optimized for the network bandwidth available in OCI. Various analytics processing primitives use the hardware instructions of the underlying VMs.

Oracle MySQL Autopilot: machine-learning–based automation

MySQL Autopilot automates many of the most important and often challenging aspects of achieving high query performance at scale—including provisioning, data loading, query execution, and failure handling. It uses advanced techniques to sample data, collect statistics on data and queries, and build machine-learning models to model memory usage, network load, and execution time. These machine-learning models are then used by MySQL Autopilot to execute its core capabilities. MySQL Autopilot makes the HeatWave query optimizer increasingly intelligent as more queries are executed, resulting in continually improving system performance over time—a capability not available on Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, or other MySQL-based database services. MySQL Autopilot is available at no additional charge for MySQL HeatWave customers.

MySQL Autopilot provides the following capabilities:

  • Auto provisioning predicts the number of HeatWave nodes required for running a workload by adaptive sampling of table data on which analytics is required. This means that customers no longer need to manually estimate the optimal size of their cluster. No other database service provides this capability.
  • Auto parallel load optimizes the load time and memory usage by predicting the optimal degree of parallelism for each table being loaded into HeatWave. No other cloud vendor offers this capability.
  • Auto data placement predicts the column on which tables should be partitioned in-memory to achieve the best performance for queries. It also predicts the expected gain in query performance with the new column recommendation. This minimizes data movement across nodes due to suboptimal choices that can be made by operators when manually selecting the column. No other database service provides this rich capability.
  • Auto query plan improvement learns various statistics from the execution of queries and improves the execution plan of future queries. This improves the performance of the system as more queries are run. No other database service provides this capability.
  • Auto encoding determines the optimal representation of columns being loaded into HeatWave taking the queries into consideration. This optimal representation provides the best query performance and minimizes the size of the cluster to minimize the cost.
  • Auto query time estimation estimates the execution time of a query prior to executing the query. For customers, this provides a prediction of how long a query will take—enabling them to decide if the duration of the query is too long and to instead run a different query.
  • Auto change propagation intelligently determines the optimal time when changes in MySQL Database should be propagated to the HeatWave scale-out data management layer. This ensures that changes are propagated at the right optimal cadence. No other cloud vendor offers this capability.
  • Auto scheduling determines which queries in the queue are short running and prioritizes them over long running queries in an intelligent way to reduce overall wait time. Most other databases use the First In, First Out (FIFO) mechanism for scheduling.
  • Auto error recovery provisions new nodes and reloads necessary data if one or more HeatWave nodes is unresponsive due to software or hardware failure.

Scale-out data management

100X faster recovery

When data is loaded from MySQL into HeatWave, a copy of the in-memory representation is made to the scale-out data management layer built on the OCI object store. Any changes made to data in MySQL are transparently propagated to this data layer. When an operation requires reloading of data to HeatWave such as during error recovery, data can be accessed from the HeatWave data layer, in parallel, by multiple HeatWave nodes. This results in significant improvement in performance. For example, for a 10TB HeatWave cluster, the time it takes to recover and reload data reduces from 7.5 hours to 4 minutes—over a 100X improvement.

Faster than Amazon and Snowflake at a fraction of the cost

MySQL HeatWave is faster than all the competing database services— and at a fraction of the cost. This has been demonstrated by multiple standard industry benchmarks like TPCH, TPCDS, CH-benCHmark—and on real-world customer workloads. See the 30 TB TPCH benchmark results shown above. Results from other benchmarks are here:

Faster analytics than Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse at a fraction of the cost
  • 6.8X faster than Snowflake on AWS at one-fifth the cost, resulting in 35X better price performance (10 TB TPCH)
  • 6.8X faster than Amazon Redshift with AQUA at half the cost, resulting in 13X better price performance (10 TB TPCH)
  • 9 times faster than Google BigQuery at one-fourth the cost, resulting in 36 times better price/performance (30TB TPCH)
  • 3 times faster than Azure Synapse at one-fifth the cost, resulting in 15X better price performance (30 TB TPCH)
  • 1400X faster than Amazon Aurora at half the cost, resulting in 2800X better price performance (4 TB TPCH)
  • 5400X faster than Amazon RDS at two-thirds the cost, resulting in 8100X better price performance
Faster mixed workload than Amazon Aurora at a fraction of the cost

Most real world applications have a mix of OLTP and complex OLAP queries. For such workloads too, MySQL HeatWave is much faster and costs a fraction of Amazon Aurora. Using industry standard CH-benCHmark on a 100 GB dataset for OLAP queries, HeatWave is 18X faster, provides 110X better throughput, and 2.4X less cost than Amazon Aurora, resulting in 42X better price performance. For OLTP queries, HeatWave has the same performance as Amazon Aurora and is 2.4X less cost, resulting in 2.4X better price performance.

Single database for OLTP and OLAP

Oracle MySQL Database Service, with its integrated HeatWave, is the only service that enables database administrators and app developers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database.

Eliminate ETL

Eliminate the cost, complexity, and risk of the lengthy extraction, transform, and load (ETL) processes that are required when using separate databases for OLTP and OLAP.

Deliver real-time analytics

Modifications made by OLTP transactions are propagated in real time to HeatWave and immediately visible for analytics queries. There’s no need to index the data before running analytics queries.

Improve security

All data at rest and in transit between MySQL database and the nodes of the HeatWave cluster is encrypted by default. Since data isn’t transferred between databases, there’s no risk of it being compromised during the ETL process. Relying on a single database for OLTP and OLAP eliminates the need to have different identity management, improving security.

No changes to MySQL applications

HeatWave is a native MySQL solution. Existing MySQL applications work without changes.

Business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools

HeatWave supports the same BI and data visualization tools as MySQL Database Service, such as Oracle Analytics Cloud, Tableau, and Looker.

See what top industry analysts are saying about HeatWave


“These new fully transparent benchmarks demonstrate HeatWave’s performance, price and scale advantages over all other MySQL and cloud databases.”


“Oracle have shown AWS and Snowflake how to design and architect a true MySQL Cloud Database.”

Moor Insights & Strategy
Moor Insights & Strategy

“For those looking to extract the most out of their MySQL environments, HeatWave should be given a hard look.”

Constellation Research
Constellation Research

“Oracle brings out new innovations which are set to likely disrupt the market, significantly lifting the expectations for what open source cloud databases should be.”

“We successfully migrated our 6 TB database and in-house digital marketing and media management applications from AWS Aurora to MySQL HeatWave on OCI that reduced our costs by 60% and improved performance for complex queries by more than 1000X and and overall workloads improved 85%. In addition, we didn't have to make any changes to our application, automatic recovery has minimized downtime, and we can now scale to thousands of cores because we have an ever-growing need.”

Amit Palshikar Co-Founder, CTO, Red3i

“MySQL HeatWave reduced our cloud database costs by 50% as compared to using a combination of AWS Aurora and Redshift. We are no longer moving data around so now we have blazing fast, real-real-time insights with no effort. More importantly, scalability has made our expansion plan possible, allowing us to onboard more data and new clients without impact to costs. It's a dream come true.”

Pablo Lemos Co-Founder, CTO,

“We found MySQL HeatWave improved performance by 10X and significantly dropped our costs after migrating from AWS Aurora. We also did not have to modify our application for a great experience.”

Kanami Suzuki Developer, FANCOMI

“We recently migrated our production workload from another cloud solution to MySQL HeatWave. Doing so reduced our cost by 3X and it also significantly accelerated many of our queries which were taking a long time before. Given the speedup we are observing with HeatWave, we expect that we will be able to enhance our application by writing more complex queries which do not execute in a reasonable amount of time with the other cloud solution.”

Chien Hoang Director of Engineering, Tamara

Oracle MySQL Database Service with HeatWave vaporizes Amazon Redshift AQUA, Snowflake, Azure Synapse Analytics and Google BigQuery

DSC reviews how Oracle MySQL Database Service with HeatWave solves the MySQL complex queries and analytics problem.

December 16, 2020

HeatWave: Technical Deep Dive

Nipun Agarwal, Vice President, Research and Advanced Development

Four key architecture choices provide compelling performance with HeatWave:
1. An in-memory hybrid columnar format which is conducive to vector processing.
2. A massively parallel architecture that is enabled by a massively partitioned architecture.
3. State of the art algorithms for distributed analytic algorithms.
4. The engine is optimized for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Read the complete post

Use cases for HeatWave

  • Deliver real-time data analytics

    MySQL Database Service, with its integrated HeatWave, is the only offering in the industry that provides DBAs and developers with a single, unified MySQL platform for both OLTP and OLAP workloads. This simplifies application development, saves time, enables real-time queries, decreases costs, and improves security.

  • Hybrid cloud deployment flexibility

    MySQL Database Service is 100% compatible with MySQL on-premises. Keep your OLTP workloads on-premises and offload your analytics workloads to HeatWave without changes to applications.


MySQL Database Service

Unit price
MySQL HeatWave—Standard-E3

Node per hour
MySQL Database for HeatWave—Standard-E3

Node per hour
MySQL Database for HeatWave—Bare Metal Standard-E3

Node per hour
MySQL Database—Storage

Gigabyte storage capacity per month
MySQL Database—Backup Storage

Gigabyte storage capacity per month




HeatWave is a new, in-memory query accelerator developed for MySQL Database Service. It’s a distributed, scalable, in-memory, hybrid columnar, query-processing engine designed for fast execution of analytic and transactional queries. HeatWave is optimized for and exclusively available on OCI.

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Customer community

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Cloud learning

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