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Oracle Storage

Get cost-effective, unified storage capabilities and protection for applications and data types with Oracle storage solutions. They combine unique optimizations for Oracle Database with management automation to lower data storage and archiving costs.

Oracle Storage
Oracle Database protection

Learn why Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the best place to protect mission-critical Oracle Databases.

Unified storage advantages

See why the Enterprise Strategy Group thinks Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS7-2 has a trifecta of advantages.

Why select Oracle engineered storage?


Unique Oracle Database capabilities

Get higher performance, up to 4x better storage efficiency, and 60% lower operational costs. Only Oracle can fully integrate unified-storage resources with Oracle Database.



Accelerate critical workloads.

Reduce data center complexity and costs and get up to 50x faster data protection with Oracle storage. High-throughput architectures and Oracle Database optimizations support dynamic, multiapplication workloads.



Backup, recover, and archive any data

Protect and archive all data types from any source, mitigate against cyberattacks, comply with regulatory requirements, and simplify archiving of data on premise and in the cloud with Oracle storage.



Unified cloud management

Reduce administrative costs and gain a complete, end-to-end view of the data lifecycle with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and engineered storage’s automation capabilities.



Reduce TCO

Reduces database storage capacity requirements by up to 50 percent, enables 4:1 storage consolidation, and automates up to 90 percent of routine setup and tuning tasks with engineered storage.


Oracle storage

Continuous Oracle Database protection

Reduce the impact of downtime by up to 47% by ensuring that backups are recoverable and recover Oracle Databases to any point in time with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, the only solution designed to eliminate data loss.

  • Continuous protection of Oracle Databases
  • Sub-second recovery point objectives
  • Rapid recovery to any point in time
  • Up to 50x faster backups and 5x faster recoveries
  • Up to 75% fewer manual recovery steps
  • Up to 60% more efficient storage
  • 100x capacity and 50x throughput scaling
  • Integrated software, server, storage and networking
  • Centrally managed database protection as-a-service
  • Protects Oracle Database running on any platform
  • Maximum Availability Architecture solution
  • Backup validation offload from database servers
  • Up to 24 TB/hour backup and restore per rack
  • 1.5 PB to 170 PB of virtual, full-backup capacity

High-performance, unified storage

Reduce IT complexity and cost and get the throughput you need for consolidated, private-cloud storage with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance. Gain exceptional performance, petabytes of all-flash capacity, and unique Oracle Database capabilities.

  • High performance for diverse workloads
  • Unified storage with NAS, SAN, and object support
  • Universal data protection
  • Oracle Database optimizations
  • Flexible, high-throughput connectivity
  • High availability architecture with no single point of failure
  • Up 8 PB of all flash storage or 16PB of HDD per system
  • NFS, SMB, iSCSI, OpenStack, and Amazon S3 support
  • Up to 13x faster and 6x more scalable than legacy PBBAs
  • Automated management and up to 30% more throughput
  • Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Gb InfiniBand connectivity
  • Rapid bottleneck identification and resolution

Affordable archive and data-protection solutions

Get high performance and extreme scalability for data protection and archiving at a cost that’s up to 90 percent less than disk-only alternatives with Oracle’s StorageTek tape-automation solutions.

  • The latest industry-standard LTO tape technology
  • Easy- to- deploy mid-range tape libraries
  • Highly scalable enterprise tape libraries
  • Encryption key management
  • No single-point-of-failure designs
  • 99 percent less energy than disk-based archiving
  • Extensive archive software interoperability
  • Comprehensive tape analytics software

Oracle storage customer successes

Thousands of customers around the world use Oracle engineered storage to protect mission-critical Oracle Databases, consolidate infrastructure, archive data, and reduce costs.

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Revera stores and protects diverse, multi-source data and saves money for New Zealand customers

Oracle storage use cases

  • Oracle Database protection

    Improve protection against ransomware and cut the cost of data loss by up to 47% with Oracle Database protection as-a-service.

    Watch the Swisscom video (1:18)

  • High-performance application storage

    Simplify storage deployments and run petabyte-scale applications with up to 60TB/hour throughput and low storage costs.

    Read the Toyo story

  • Implement multitenant cloud

    Reduce costs by supporting thousands of VMs with granular multitenant encryption and transparent archiving to Oracle Cloud.

    Watch the Secure-24 video (1:39)

  • Test and development storage

    Simplify storage administration and efficiently create new applications with fast, efficient storage snapshots and clones.

    Watch the Tractor Supply video (1:34)

  • On-premises archiving

    Protect hundreds of petabytes of technical, entertainment, or cultural data with virtually no energy use or administration.

    Read the Brookhaven story

Oracle storage use cases
March 12, 2020

Database Cyber-Attack Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Tim Chien, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

As the premiere Oracle Engineered System for database protection, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is fault-isolated from the production database, so if a cyber-attack hits the database, the appliance is not compromised.

Read the complete post

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