Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS9-2

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is a high performance, enterprise storage system that is optimized for Oracle workloads and cloud integration. It is a unified storage system that allows customers to consolidate file, block, and object storage on a single platform. Oracle ZFS combines high all-flash performance with petabytes of storage capacity, allowing customers to run all workloads at peak speed. Built-in Oracle Database integrations, including automated prioritization of database IOs, enable IT departments to optimize workload performance and reduce administration to achieve low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Oracle ZFS Storage–High Availability virtual appliance is now accessible on OCI Marketplace

The ZFS Storage–High Availability image is configurable as a bare metal or virtual machine instance, supporting Oracle customers in migrating workloads to OCI.

Oracle adds new capabilities and features for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Learn why TechTarget says ZFS Storage–High Availability promises greater uptime for the popular file system for cloud storage.

New OCI offerings provide customers with truly flexible core infrastructure services

ZFS Storage–High Availability packages the ZFS file server in a highly available, automated deployment stack that uses OCI Block Volumes.

Product features

Oracle integrations

Automation reduces administrator workloads

Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) enables ZFS Storage Appliance to automate storage setup and tuning based on database-specific information, reducing storage administrator workloads by up to 70%.

Database IO prioritization reduces latency

ZFS Storage Appliance uses OISP to prioritize Oracle Database IOs accelerating customer workloads.

Cache management accelerates database backups

Automatic management of storage caches using OISP-provided information enables ZFS Storage Appliance to reduce backup windows for customer databases.

Database compression increases capacity and throughput

Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) reduces storage capacity and load times for typical customer data warehouses by more than 90%, as discussed in the Oracle technical analysis (PDF).

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure object storage simplifies data transfer

ZFS Storage Appliance integrates the same object storage format as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and makes it easy for storage administrators to create snapshots in the cloud, reducing storage complexity and simplifying data migrations.

High performance

Efficient caching enhances application performance

A scalable design with large DRAM and flash caches enables ZFS Storage Appliance to sustain high IO per second (IOPS) rates so customer applications run at peak speed while IT teams achieve up to 8:1 storage consolidation, as discussed in Oracle IT’s case study (PDF).

DRAM centric architecture supports more VMs

High-throughput CPUs combined with 4 TB of DRAM cache enable customers to reduce data center complexity and administrative costs by supporting thousands of virtual machines per storage system, as discussed in the Oracle technical brief (PDF).

Highly-parallel design increases throughput

A highly-parallel hardware and software architecture with high-speed networking enables customers to sustain over 18 GB/sec of throughput for data-intensive applications.

Built-in optimizations accelerate backup and restore

Built-in optimizations recognize data protection workloads and reduce data movement, enabling IT teams to accelerate data protection with up to 81.2TB/hour of restore throughput , as discussed in Oracle’s technical brief (PDF).

All-flash storage delivers consistent performance

Configurations with to 8.8 PB of high-performance, all-flash storage allow customer applications to consistently run at the highest possible speed.

Management integrations

Easy-to-use interfaces increase productivity

Point-and-click management enables storage administrators to rapidly provision, manage, and troubleshoot storage systems.

Built-in monitoring accelerates administration

Integrated real-time monitoring and visualization enables administrators to quickly resolve storage issues so customer applications achieve peak performance.

Efficient replication improves operational efficiency

Flexible, automated, and secure replication of data to ZFS Storage Appliances or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure makes it easy for storage administrators to protect customer data or provision it in remote locations.

APIs simplify integration

Support for Oracle Enterprise Manager and industry-standard Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs enable IT teams to easily integrate ZFS Storage Appliance management with existing data center management frameworks.

Automated problem reporting serviceability for timely issue resolution

Automated monitoring and service notifications, including alerting of Oracle Service when issues arise, simplify storage administrator workloads while minimizing storage downtime for the organization.

Core capabilities

DRAM caches eliminate storage IOs

Up to 4 TB of high-performance DRAM cache enables customer applications to run quickly by eliminating up to 90% of read requests from permanent storage, as discussed in the ZFS Storage Appliance architecture overview (PDF).

All-flash configurations optimize performance

Up to 8 PB of high-performance flash storage is accelerated with DRAM cache enable high-throughput and latency-sensitive customer applications to consistently run at top speed.

Disk-based configurations reduce costs

Now offering 18TB drives delivering up to 21 PB of high-capacity disk storage with up to 4 TB of DRAM cache and 1.4 PB of flash cache give customers flash-like performance at much lower costs.

High-performance CPUs accelerate workloads

Up to 128 Intel® Xeon® processor cores enable ZFS Storage Appliance to support thousands of concurrent IO requests so customer workloads with diverse requirements run at peak speed.

Scalable software eliminates IO bottlenecks

ZFS Storage Appliance uses a highly-parallel operating system to process more IO requests at the same time, eliminating IO bottlenecks for customer applications.


Network attached storage simplifies deployments

A complete set of network file protocols, including NFS, SMB, and FTP, eliminate complexity in customer data centers by enabling diverse applications to use the same storage.

Universal object storage facilitates easy migrations

Swift, S3, and OCI object storage services make it easy for IT teams to migrate data between an on-premises and cloud object storage.

High-performance block storage accelerates workloads

ISCSI, Fibre Channel, and RDMA over InfiniBand support allow customer applications to access high-performance block storage.

Tight integration reduces backup complexity

Integrated NDMP v3/v4 and ZFS NDMP backup protocols enable storage administrators to easily protect customer data on backup devices.

Built-in directory services simplify connectivity

Integrated network directory services, including NIS, LDAP, and Active Directory, make it easy for IT teams to secure connectivity to shared storage.

Integrations simplify connectivity to Microsoft© servers

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance make it easy for customers to support Microsoft environments with a full set of integrations, including Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server backups.

High-speed networking improves application performance

Support for 100Gb Ethernet connectivity enables customers using Oracle Exadata, servers and backup devices to rapidly access data.

Customer successes

Customers around the world meet the storage needs of business-critical workloads with low latency, high throughput, and management automation using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

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Global special effects leader Weta Digital uses ZFS Storage Appliance to accelerate rendering workloads and increase time for artist creativity.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance use cases

  • Run data-intensive workloads faster

    Accelerate data-intensive workloads by up to 13X and lower costs by 20% compared to competitive solutions.

    Read Toyo Engineering’s story

  • Simplify support for secure clouds

    Support thousands of virtual machines in secure cloud environments with integrated support for Oracle Database, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, and granular encryption.

    Watch Secure24’s story (1:39)

  • Accelerate data protection

    Reduce the amount of time needed to protect all types of customer data, including Oracle databases running on Oracle Exadata, with high backup and restore performance.

    Watch Tractor Supply’s video (1:34)

October 4, 2021

Introducing Oracle ZFS Storage ZS9-2

Cindy Swearingen

“Oracle is excited to announce the next generation ZFS platform. The new ZS9-2 has 33% higher core count designed to deliver unmatched NAS performance. In addition, the ZS9 increases its overall bandwidth by 64% and with the new 18TB HDD this platform pushes the maximum storage capacity to 21PB.”

Read the complete post

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