Oracle Utilities Data Model

Accelerate ROI for Utilities Analytics and Data Management

Accelerate business intelligence and analytics deployment across the enterprise with a pre-built, standards-based data model optimized for the utilities industry and Oracle data warehousing systems.

Oracle Utilities Data Model
Oracle Utilities Data Model
  • Robust data model with more than 670 tables and 4,857 columns
  • Prebuilt OLAP and data-mining analytic models
  • Comprehensive business intelligence metadata, dashboard, and reports
  • Works across any application environment; easily extensible


  • Accelerates data warehouse implementation time and reduces risk of deploying data warehousing platforms
  • Accelerates time-to-insight with prebuilt adapters, schema, analytics, and dashboards
  • Supports rapid analysis of multiple sources of data including field sensors, meters, and traditional enterprise data
  • Helps move insights into action to achieve operational efficiencies and enhance customer service
  • Maximize the capabilities of your data warehouse

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