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Oracle Departmental Data Warehouse is a complete and simple solution enabling business teams to get the deep, trustworthy, data-driven insights they need to make quick decisions. The governed, secure solution reduces risks while increasing both IT and analysts’ productivity. It’s easy to get started with the Oracle Cloud Free Tier using two always-free Oracle Autonomous Database instances with 1 OCPU and 20GB of storage each, plus US$300 in free credits for other Oracle Cloud services.

Empower business teams with a self-service data warehouse

Increase the productivity of analysts, line of business developers, and citizen data scientists with a built-in suite of self-service tools.

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Step 1

Create and login to your Oracle cloud account

Create an account through a web browser or mobile device. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Sign up for a free Oracle Cloud account
  • Read the welcome email for access details
  • Login to the free Oracle Cloud account
How to create a login to your Oracle Cloud account

Step 2

Create an Oracle Autonomous Database instance

Customers access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console after the sign-up process is complete. The web interface makes it easy to create a database in minutes.

  • Select a database name and choose a workload type (Analytics)
  • Create a password
  • Click "Create Autonomous Database" and your instance will start provisioning
How to create an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance

You’re now ready to use Autonomous Database

You can easily start your project with a built-in suite of self-service data tools. Autonomous Database is certified with most analytics tools; to install Oracle Analytics Cloud, follow steps 3 and 4.


Step 3

Create an Oracle Analytics Cloud instance

  • In the OCI Console, click the navigation menu in the top left corner. Under Solutions and Platform, select "Analytics", then "Analytics Cloud"
  • Click "Create Instance". Enter an instance name, select the feature set (Enterprise Analytics) and choose 1 OCPU for trial purposes
  • Fill in the few additional fields, click "Create", and wait for your instance to be provisioned
How to create an Oracle Analytics Cloud Instance

Step 4

Connect Oracle Analytics Cloud to Autonomous Database

  • Obtain the client credentials zip file (wallets) containing the trusted certificates that enable a secure connection
  • From the Oracle Analytics Cloud home page, click "Create", "Connection", and "Autonomous Database". Enter the information used to create your Autonomous Database instance and download the wallet
  • Analysts are now ready to add data sets, visualize, and explore. Business users can test the solution right away using the sample data sets provided with Autonomous Database
How to Connect Analytics Cloud to Autonomous Database

Achieve data-driven business agility without compromise

Discover how Oracle Departmental Data Warehouse is a complete and simple solution for business users and IT teams.

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