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Oracle API Gateway is Now Generally Available

Build scalable and secure cloud native applications that provide RESTful APIs to back-end services.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway is Now Generally Available
Managed by Oracle

Managed by Oracle

Oracle API gateway is a fully managed service. There are no servers to provision and maintain.

Create Serverless APIs

Create Serverless APIs

When used with Oracle Functions, you can create RESTful APIs that are serverless. There is no need to provision compute resources, just develop your function and deploy as an API.

Pay Per Use

Pay Per Use

You only pay for API gateway service when you use it. You don’t pay for any unused API endpoints.

Product Features

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Expose API endpoints

Process traffic from front-end clients and route it to back-end services with ease. Use a single API gateway to link multiple back-end services such as load balancers, compute instances, containers, and serverless functions.

Connect to Back-end Infrastructure Services

Publish private and public APIs endpoints connected to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure back-end services such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Functions, and any Oracle Compute instance.

Secure your APIs

Private and public API endpoints support API validation, transformation, CORS, authentication, and authorization features. The Oracle API Gateway service is fully integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) for easy authentication.

Unit Pricing

Product Unit Price Metric
API Gateway 1 Million API Calls Per Month
Apiary – Standard User Per Month
Apiary – Professional User Per Month
API Platform Cloud Service Gateway Per Hour

Annual Flex Pricing = Unit Price

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