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Oracle and Microsoft Strategic Partnership

Oracle and Microsoft Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Oracle and Microsoft announce an enhanced cloud collaboration to create the best option to run enterprise solutions for their joint customers.

About the Partnership

About the Partnership: Supporting Your Business Objectives

This cloud interoperability partnership combines Oracle and Microsoft technologies to support both line of business and mission-critical applications. Customers can now migrate to the cloud or build new applications leveraging the best of Oracle Cloud including Oracle Autonomous Database, and the best of Microsoft Azure with seamless interoperability.

Benefits to Our Joint Customers: What Are the Advantages?

Benefits to Our Joint Customers

Enterprises have many on-premises, mission-critical applications that depend on both Oracle and Microsoft technologies. Only Oracle and Microsoft are providing a “connected cloud” technical alliance for their mutual cloud services to enable swift migration of on-premises applications, leveraging a broader range of tools, and integrated as a single unified enterprise cloud solution.

  • Innovate Across Clouds: Deploy fully-supported, cross-cloud solutions across Oracle Cloud and Azure quickly and easily with unified identity, fast interconnect, and collaborative support.
  • Choice: Accelerate cloud migration of applications that span technology stacks without the need to re-architect solutions or compromise on performance or reliability. Customers gain the ability to choose the best of Oracle’s and Microsoft’s industry leading technologies.
  • Maximize Return on Investment: Leverage and capitalize on existing investments and licenses, partnerships, skillsets, and data while achieving cloud migration goals. Customers can now access their distributed data estate to gain enhanced visibility and support better decision making via their Oracle, Microsoft, or third-party data visualization platforms of choice.

Meeting Your Needs: What’s Possible Now?

This partnership now enables many previously impossible solutions including multi-application cloud deployment and integration, multi-layered cloud data management, cross-cloud data analysis and of course rapid migration of operations to the cloud. Here are a few of the critical customer use cases:

  • Move interdependent enterprise applications to the cloud. Migrate all of your on-premises applications to the cloud while preserving application architectures, optimizations, and interoperability; take advantage of cloud scale, performance, costs, and security
  • Deploy custom and packaged applications across Oracle Cloud and Azure with the ability to leverage Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters (RAC), or Exadata on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Enterprises require flexible deployment options to suit their business objectives when evaluating complex options for migrating their most critical business applications to the cloud, which this partnership supports
  • Develop cloud native, enterprise applications in Azure and Oracle Cloud, including Oracle Autonomous Database. Customers will now be able to leverage a range of cloud services from both companies to build and deploy high performance, enterprise-ready modern applications. Oracle Autonomous Database is the only self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing data management system enabling you to cut costs, reduce risk, and drive insights.

Delivering Capabilities to Support Our Joint Customers: New Capabilities. More to Come in the Future.

Delivering Capabilities to Support Our Joint Customers

To deliver these benefits, Oracle and Microsoft are making available a new set of capabilities.

  • Cross-cloud interconnect: Simplified interconnect with network optimization, delivering extremely low latency among connected Oracle Cloud regions and Microsoft Azure regions.This direct interconnect is available in US East (Ashburn) to Azure US East, Canada Southeast (Toronto) to Azure Canada Central, UK South (London) to Azure UK South, Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) + Azure West Europe, Japan East (Tokyo) to Azure Japan East, and OCI US West (San Jose) to Azure West US with plans to expand to additional regions in the future.
  • Unified identity and access management: Via unified single signon to manage resources across Oracle Cloud and Azure. Federated identity is available between both providers to provide a single identity source and a unified SSO experience between Oracle Cloud and Azure consoles.
  • An ecosystem to support our customers’ success: Includes a growing number of partners familiar with Oracle and Microsoft capabilities and a set of best practices that both companies plan to make available over time.
  • Jointly tested, validated deployment architectures, and best practices: These include co-branded white papers with reference architectures, and distributed cloud deployment templates for generic and custom applications across Oracle Cloud and Azure.
  • A collaborative support model between Oracle and Microsoft: Includes joint support enabling you to leverage your existing Oracle or Microsoft customer support relationships and processes.

Additional product integrations, capabilities, and certifications coming soon.

Oracle and Microsoft provide a connected cloud.

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