Container Registry

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry is an open standards-based, Oracle-managed Docker registry service for securely storing and sharing container images. Engineers can easily push and pull Docker images with the familiar Docker Command Line Interface (CLI) and API. To support container lifecycles, Registry works with Container Engine for Kubernetes, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Visual Builder Studio, and third-party developer and DevOps tools.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry

DevOps features

100% compliant with the widely used Docker V2 APIs

Work with Docker images and container repositories using familiar Docker CLI commands and Docker HTTP API V2.

Automatic updates

Oracle takes care of operating and patching the service, so that developers can focus on building and deploying containerized applications.

Data protection

Built using object storage, Container Registry provides data durability and high service availability with automatic replication across fault domains.

Free service that includes enterprise support

Oracle does not charge separately for the service. Users pay only for the associated storage and network resources that they consume.

Security capabilities

Flexible image sharing

Use private container repositories and fine-grained policies to share images within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s commercial regions, or use public repositories to share images with anyone over the internet.

Security and compliance

Secure images with end-to-end SSL encryption, leverage built-in Docker Registry V2 token authentication, and stay in compliance with major industry standards, such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOC 2.

Access control for manageability

Integrate Container Registry with Identity and Access Management (IAM)’s access control policies—such as a read-only policy—for governance of external users.

Container build automation

Fast deployments to Kubernetes

Create container repositories colocated with Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) in any commercial region for low-latency image deployments.

Flexibility for Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Build and deploy cloud native applications quickly by using Container Registry with Oracle Visual Builder Studio or with other CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins and GitLab.

Highly scalable repository management

Host up to 500 container repositories, each with 100,000 images, per region. Request service limit increases for larger needs.

Retention policies for reducing clutter

Use retention policies to automatically clean up old Docker images from rapid release cycles.

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Use cases for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Registry

OCI Container Registry pricing

There is no additional charge for using Registry service. Customers pay only for resources that they consume, such as storage of images at the rate of Object Storage (Standard). The service includes free enterprise support.

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