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Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0

Java ME SDK 3.0 is now available for Windows XP and Vista. Click Download to install it now. (Having trouble installing? See How to Install.) Java ME Platform SDK is a state-of-the-art toolbox for developing mobile applications. It integrates CLDC, CDC, and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) technology into one SDK, and replaces Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 and Java Toolkit 1.0 for CDC.

Light Weight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT)

LWUIT 1.4 is now available. LWUIT is a UI library targeted for mass-market mobile devices. LWUIT offers advanced UI capabilities and a clean set of APIs inspired by Swing. LWUIT binary also includes a theme creator tool to take your creativity to the next level by making it easy to design and create advanced themes and backgrounds for your Java ME applications.

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC

Update to the WTK that provides improved support for multi-user environments as well as a Linux binary that's supported on systems running glibc 2.3 libraries.

CDC Reference Implementation 1.1 (JSR 218)

The Connected Device Configuration is a standards-based framework for building and delivering applications for network-connected devices. The CDC HotSpot Implementation is a fully compliant, Java virtual machine that is highly optimized for resource-constrained devices. The download includes documentation.

Foundation Profile 1.1 Reference Implementation (JSR 219)

Foundation Profile RI with Security Optional Package. Includes documentation.

Personal Basis Profile 1.1 Reference Implementation (JSR 217)

Personal Basis Profile RI with Foundation Profile Security Optional Package. Includes documentation.

Personal Profile 1.1 Reference Implementation (JSR 216)

Personal Basis Profile RI with Foundation Profile Security Optional Package. Includes documentation.

Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0

MIDP, combined with the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), is the Java runtime environment for today's mobile information devices (MIDs) such as mobile phones and entry level PDAs.

Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 1.1

CLDC is a Java Community Process effort that has standardized a portable, minimum-footprint Java building block for small, resource-constrained devices. CLDC runs on top of Sun's K Virtual Machine (KVM) that is provided as part of this release.

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