Oracle Cloud HCM
Value Realization Report

Business Outcomes Achieved
by Oracle Customers

Driving business agility

Business models are being disrupted every day. Companies are merging, acquiring, and divesting at record levels to drive their transformation.

Businesses must be able to sense, react, and adapt to market changes quickly. With Oracle Cloud HCM, customers were able to drive digital transformation and improve business agility while meeting both current and future business requirements.

Key results


in performance management processes

with reduced performance review time, implementing standard performance processes, and better goal alignment.

Customer highlight

By moving to Oracle Cloud HCM, a Fortune 500 industrial manufacturer experienced an 84% cycle-time reduction for compensation and talent-management processes.


in benefit administration processes

with greater visibility into benefit data and by leveraging self-service enrollment. Employees experienced shortened enrollment periods, resulting in reduced benefit administration FTEs .

Customer highlight

With the automation of benefits administration, a Fortune 500 high-tech firm was able to reduce benefit administration FTEs by 50%.


in payroll processes

with reduced payroll cycle time, a reduced number of HR FTEs managing payroll, a reduced payroll error rate, and reduced payroll processing and overtime costs.

Customer highlight

After deploying Oracle Cloud HCM, a Fortune 1000 fast-food retailer experienced an 88% reduction in payroll runs, from four days to four hours.

“Our journey to the cloud is about shrinking the timeframe to innovation for
the company and our employees. We want the best experience possible and
access to the best data on the talent and capabilities we have in the company.”

—Senior Vice President of HR, Fortune 500 Retailer