Keep Your Data Secure
Throughout the
Cloud Lifecycle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security—
Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Security Zones

Stepping up security in
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Security Zones and Oracle Cloud Guard are built into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and are available to all cloud customers. Oracle’s approach means you can gain full visibility of your global security posture and identify any areas of risk.

With Oracle’s approach to cloud security posture management, you can reduce the barriers to deploying and maintaining security in the public cloud. This includes:

  • Embedded security best practices: Oracle Security Zones provides implicit and explicit policies that help prevent the introduction of unauthorized cloud settings that put critical data at risk.
  • Centralized configuration management and monitoring: Oracle Cloud Guard maintains oversight of your entire Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem. At its core, Oracle Cloud Guard is a highly scalable and modular data-processing cloud security service that takes in signals from Oracle and third-party sensors, detects areas of risk, and shuts them down before they can be exploited. Cloud security administrators don’t have to stitch together multiple tools to achieve the desired workflow of risk identification, validation, notification, and remediation.
  • Automated remediation: Oracle Cloud Guard’s built-in responders can generate alerts, launch multipath workstreams, or eliminate the threats that represent risk.
  • Security for all Oracle Cloud users: Oracle Security Zones and Oracle Cloud Guard are available to customer tenancies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, delivered as infrastructure native services without the need for additional purchases.