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A Modern Cloud Is Data-Driven
A Modern Cloud Is

Enrich, Visualize, and Analyze Your Data

With an average of approximately 14 different clouds in every business, how do you secure and make sense of your data? A disconnected, one-off cloud approach only gives you part of your business story. And with every new cloud that your employees and contractors use, the risk of unauthorized data access increases as data is uploaded—and left unsecured.

Gain New Knowledge, Prospects, and Customers

A modern, data-driven cloud delivers built-in, secure analytics. With it, you can enrich your data with big data. Get new prospects and the latest audience information. Manage Internet of Things (IoT) data in the cloud. Use modern cloud platform services to prepare, visualize, and analyze data to see trends and patterns that were not visible before. Gain new knowledge to grow your business.

Infographic: Can You Make Sense of Your Data?

With so many cloud providers and so many sources, how do you begin to get value from data?

Infographic: Can You Make Sense of Your Data?

Oracle Modern Best Practice processes are enabled with analytics, IoT and big data.

Support innovation and business growth with a modern approach to best practices.

Oracle Modern Best Practice processes are enabled with analytics, IoT, and big data.

Tony's Chocolonely Grows in International Market with Oracle. (0:41) Customer Story: Tony Chocolonely leverages Oracle EPM Cloud for faster sales forecasting and growth.

Customer Story: Find how chocolate and Oracle Planning/Budgeting Cloud Service are a data-driven match made in heaven.

Infographic: Discover Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

Learn how you can combine data and narrative to provide actionable insights.

Infographic: Discover Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

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Accelerate innovation and business transformation with the right enterprise cloud platform.

Learn about Oracle Cloud Platform.

Innovate with Lightning Speed

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Design Elements of a Modern Cloud

  • Complete

    Why a complete suite of cloud applications matters.

  • Personalized

    Discover how a personalized cloud is used to empower users and leapfrog the competition.

  • Connected

    Why quickly connecting your existing business to the cloud is a game-changer.

  • Secure

    Find out why the most secure clouds are designed to be secure at every layer.