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Oracle and the U.S. Defense Department continue their partnership with JWCC

The U.S. Defense Department (DOD) is on a digital transformation path to deliver a global, resilient, and secure information environment that spans all warfighting domains. The DOD must keep pace with both the complexity and sheer volume of data necessary to face current and future threats and better connect our forces. To answer this call, the Pentagon awarded the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract—the Department’s enterprise-level acquisition vehicle, which allows the DOD to directly acquire commercial cloud offerings at all classification levels to serve missions from headquarters to the tactical edge. JWCC is an important step forward for defense modernization and will support key force development priorities such as Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2 (PDF), and the DOD artificial intelligence and data acceleration initiative, commonly referred to as ADA (PDF)

At Oracle, we look forward to continuing our long history of commitment to U.S. national security by providing our highly performant, secure, and cost-effective cloud capabilities to the DOD enterprise. Built to enable interoperability, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will help drive the DOD’s multicloud and hybrid cloud strategies and innovation by ensuring that our defense and intelligence communities have the best technology available to protect and preserve our national security.

We applaud the Department’s multicloud approach, which provides DOD mission owners with the freedom to choose the best cloud capabilities for specific mission requirements, broader innovation opportunities for future missions, better resilience against single-source failures, and economic benefits from competitive options. Oracle is committed to the mission and stands ready to partner with the DOD to bring AI-enabled sensor-to-shooter capabilities, asset tasking, mission autonomy, and real-time decision advantage tools to the mission across all warfighting domains—land, air, sea, space, and cyber.

Why Oracle for JWCC

Oracle delivers the speed, scale, and security the DOD needs to secure our nation and outpace our adversaries in the information space in unclassified, DISA Impact Level 5 (IL5), and classified national security cloud environments. Oracle Cloud is the first public cloud built from the ground up to be a better cloud for every application, with support for on-premises and multicloud integrations to reduce the risk of data compromise or data loss. By rethinking core engineering and systems design for cloud computing, we created innovations that solve the problems customers have with existing cloud architectures and models.

We accelerate migrations of existing enterprise workloads, deliver better reliability and performance for all applications, and offer the complete services customers need to build innovative cloud applications. With all the services needed to migrate, build, and run IT—from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms—OCI is the most open, integrated, and secure platform for DOD data and applications. Our team of national security professionals combine mission and legacy system experience with cloud expertise to support the DOD on their cloud journey.


Open and flexible to support multicloud operations

Oracle has been at the forefront of multicloud innovation and advocates for open, interoperable, and interconnected cloud services for the government. Oracle simplifies multicloud deployment and DevSecOps with open standards and open APIs, virtual cloud interconnectivity and gateways, portable data formats, movable workloads between clouds, cross-cloud analytics and AI, standard identity management, and open source automation.

With easy integration into DOD enterprises, Oracle delivers comprehensive portability of applications and data. The result is a solution that accommodates existing workloads, including legacy systems, VMware-hosted workloads, and cloud native applications. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is the only customer-managed, native VMware service available in the public cloud or DISA IL5–authorized clouds.


Secure to enable zero trust

Oracle has a long history of protecting the DOD’s most sensitive data, and our security-first approach extends to our cloud. Oracle Cloud is engineered with a unique cybersecurity architecture that brings new levels of tenant isolation and significantly reduces attack vectors to serve as a foundation for zero trust operations. The security-first design principles of Oracle Cloud, along with its strong set of security capabilities, can help DOD implement a zero trust security architecture (PDF). With Oracle, security is on by default; for example, user access is denied unless explicitly granted, and object storage buckets are private unless explicitly changed to public.

Oracle’s bare metal design and flat network structure increases security while also accelerating performance. The entire virtualized network is segregated from compute and storage, making the control plane inaccessible for better security from threat actors, both internal and external to the networks. Oracle Cloud also has unique security features that allow for the compartmentalization of a tenancy for “need-to-know” access, and maximum-security zones that make it less likely a developer will expose a cloud tenancy to cyber vulnerabilities through human error.


Available and resilient to the tactical edge

To be able to face near-peer adversaries in Denied, Disconnected, Intermittent, and Limited (D-DIL) communication environments, U.S. warfighters need to be able to leverage tactical cloud computing in the battlefield or at the operational edge. Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure delivers ruggedized tactical edge (TE) cloud computing and storage devices at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, allowing faster processing close to the data source and enabling faster data insights. With a variety of form factors, Oracle Roving Edge Devices allow mission operators to gather data, run applications, and analyze and store data wherever they need.

Roving Edge Infrastructure enables customers to build and lift images, applications, and data from their cloud tenancies and operate in remote, austere environments under tactical conditions. When connectivity is available, Oracle’s TE devices and services provide for rapid data synchronization to the cloud.


Performant and scalable for global missions

Many DOD components have struggled to move to the cloud because most hyperscale cloud providers are architected on a virtual machine model, with resources shared through the compute hypervisor and oversubscribed networks. This first-generation cloud computing architecture makes it difficult for mission-critical applications to run at the expected levels of performance and availability without significant modification, which adds complexity and risk. Oracle offers high performance computing (HPC) with native remote direct memory access, bare metal compute, GPUs to accelerate AI innovation, high I/O storage, and low-latency networks to deliver performance and scale for the most data- and process-intensive workloads.

With a proven track record of running large-scale workloads while managing and protecting critical data assets, Oracle leverages its data expertise to provide secure and open data creation, publication, protection, and management in the cloud at all security levels. Oracle Exadata Database Service and Oracle Autonomous Database provide data processing for worldwide mission-critical databases that require millions of IOPS per second and high transaction rates, stringent uptimes, and the highest security.


Cost-effective to do more with less

Oracle Cloud is built to deliver the best price-performance advantage for mission-critical national security systems. It’s not just about lower cost structures, it’s about delivering higher performance, building deeper integrations, embedding AI and machine learning, delivering always-on security, and simplifying IT. Simply put, Oracle Cloud provides more value at a lower cost.

Modern cloud economics are addressing the unique requirements, challenges, and concerns of adopting the cloud for mission-critical operations. When applied in concert, these principles, and the associated enablers, can break the barriers for cloud adoption, allowing the DOD to unlock the full business and mission value of the cloud across the enterprise.

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