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Accelerated Viewing of Complex Files with AutoVue

AutoVue offers industrial strength viewing, markup and collaboration capabilities via the web. Geographically dispersed teams can come together to securely view, review and collaborate on documents through project extranets, intranets or the internet. People, information and processes are connected across the global enterprise in a secure, efficient and flexible manner. Communication, geographic and language barriers are eliminated in the collaboration and document review process.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Share documents securely—AutoVue provides access to the full intelligence of documents without transferring the original files to the client desktop; originals never leave the server, and no local temps or cache files of any kind are created in the process, ensuring that a company's intellectual property remains protected at all times
  • Collaborate in real-time—expedite document reviews by allowing users to simultaneously review and mark up documents, assign action items, and resolve design issues in real-time via the web
  • Accelerate viewing of complex CAD files—easily share, view and review large CAD files even in low bandwidth situations. AutoVue's unique, network-friendly architecture and streaming technology accelerates the display of large CAD documents on client machines, and ensures optimized performance, high-speed data delivery and low impact on network bandwidth
  • Enforce server-based privileges and permissions—manage rights from the server, and control the functions and features made available to the user
  • Easy integration—organizations can easily integrate AutoVue into existing and evolving IT infrastructures. With its Web technology and open integration architecture, organizations can plug the solution into content repositories and enterprise applications and allow it to serve as the visual front end to all digital documents

AutoVue Contact Information

United States and Canada: +1-800-423-0245  
Germany and Eastern Europe: +35318031307  
UK / Nordic countries: +44 870 8768761  
France / Southern Europe / MEA: +35318031307  
China / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Korea / India: +1-514-594-3366  
South Asia and Australia: +61294911304  
Technical Support: +1-800-223-1711